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The Insurance Industry is a sap sucking -low life -pond scumming necessity in the USA.
They are using the September 11, disaster to raise rates to unprecedented highs in Colorado.
I have Hartford ARRP, but they are putting the screws to me and my spouse. A 27 year Firefighter no tickets for decades and a 20 year RN for a wife with 1 ticket in 35 years and they have raised my rates 30% in 2 years.
The NM Bird started at a $738/year quote(see blue oval news July/2001) to an asstounding $1175 today.
I am angry at an industry that has never tightened their belts or really helped anyone the way the Firefighters and nurses do in this country.
AIG quoted me a little better rate and I will seek more quotes in the coming days.

What really gets me is that the Hartford is FORDS insurance link on their web page and they insist on rating the 2002 Thunderbird a performance Sports Car! HA
I am sorry if I offended anyone in the Insurance bizz but you are hitting me at my lowest emotions since Vietnam days.

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