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Just got a call from the dealer.

I have a VIN!!!!!!
I'm so happy I cannot stand it.

My number is 16050.

RTBRD aka jodrod , or anybody else....

PLease give me an estimated build date and ETA. Thanks. I'm sooooo happy I could scream. can you imagine if i actually get my car one day. i will be absolutely impossible. But you all understand...at least, I hope.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18

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Build week of 4/15, eta week of 4/29. Breath holding time.
The digit after the P60A is 6.

What is the significance of the six? i thought it was a check digit and therefore not significant.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18
I know how excited you are. I received my
VIN a few weeks ago. Our cars are a little
over a thousand apart. The only difference
in the cars is you have full color interior
and I have partial. My car should be produced next week, with an ETA of of a April
22nd. Jodrod predicts a week earlier!
The hard part is over now.

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WOW Joel!!!!!!!! Now I don't have to hear you whining --
Seriously, congrats. I jsut called the computer on my blue one -- still no vin. YOU WIN! I'm really glad for you. Now let's hope you get it in time for our May 4th. Great Georgia Thunderbird Road Rally.
to the tired, the hungry, the VINless.... YEA! a little whining goes a long way towards getting a VIN! about the time you've TOTALLY given up.... it appears! the next few weeks will go quickly. remember, the cars (except slyfoxxmi's) are showing up a few days ahead of ETA, which would make it less than a month away!

now if we could do a collective whine for Dot!
So that's what that penetrating noise was at dinner! And let's not forget gmadams - he's after me in line.

Congrats Joela - you're now officially 1 step ahead of us.
As I gather more and newer data, I go back and remove some of the older data from the fit so that my projections reflect the current build/eta/delivery rates. Yesterday I removed all the vehilces with a vin below 8000, which has the data starting with dates in Jan. My plots now show the delivery dates being farther out than the eta dates. This may be reflecting the hold on vehicles that we have seen being posted.

joelja, the dates I quoted you are based on the new fit.
joelja, great news won,'t be long now.

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Congrats on your VIN!!!!! Your going to be cutting it close for the Rally. Who did you have to threaten to get it? Your generosity in offering to "swap places" with us has paid off. Now comes the hardest part, counting down the micro-seconds until it arrives at the dealer. By the way the plant called and said they would be glad to put a couple thousand miles on her for you since you were behind everyone in that dept. See you May 4 at the Rally.

Courage - and shuffle the cards


I know that the wait has been long but you can coast now...

Now if I can only see Dot's VIN and I'll know that I'm not far behind.



You are correct. I will get the car either a couple of days before or a couple of days after the rally.

Just a little something extra to make the wait even tougher!!!!

But, either way, I'll be there.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: VIN #16050

We need to get together and put the pressure on flybird's dealer to get her VIN. That gal needs her Bird for the Rally.

Courage - and shuffle the cards
I know someone who will make flybrd's dealer an offer he can't refuse. Just say the word.

By the way, is your wife still in the dark about how soon you all are getting your blue beauty?? Should be two weeks from today give or take. Won't that be too much fun when she sees that car???

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: VIN #16050
Alright gang...I'm next! I'm saying the word!!!! Am I the last Atlanta hungry, VINless soul?? Joel and Marty, please feel free to call Don Harrison at Mike Fitzpatrick Ford...tell him if I don't get my VIN, he can go sleep with da fishes! Nothing like cutting it close for the road rally, eh Joel??

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