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Apr 4, 2002
I had my first bad incident last night driving in Sarasota. A radiator hose suddenly appeared in the roadway and I could not avoid it in time and ran over it. I looked in my side view mirror because of the noise and saw my mud flap had been torn off and it tumbling down the road behind me.
I was able to retrieve it and when I got home I replaced the push pins and reinstalled it. Thanks to our TBird Brother for his good design. Could not find any damage so I guess I was lucky.
On Friday, August 16th I will be going across the state to St. Augustine for a weekend trip in case any of you guys are out that way.

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If you need new pushpins let me know. I know they can be reused. But if you find any trouble with it being loose. I will send you extra ones. Mike
Thanks but when I orginally insalled them I was careful and was able to reuse the original push pins. I just went to my bag in the garage and got out the ones that came with the Flaps and reinstalled it.
The original pins were bent after being torn off so I had to throw them away.
I learned a long time ago not to throw away any car parts because you never know. Today it paid off!
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