Here's a GM market adjustment

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Was watching Hot Rod TV last night which
showed the collector Trans Am. For interest
went down to look. The convertible was MSRP
38,900 or around that figure. Than the
salesman said we have a market adjustment
of 5,000.

They had a Firehawk custom on the floor
for 36,000. Performance wise it a much
better deal.

Down the street when left saw a new yellow
T-Bird on a used lot. So Stopped. Story
is someone just brought the car +- 300 miles
and wants something else now. Was told guy
has 43,000 in the car. Thought is trying to
make a couple of thousand on the deal.

Jodrod didn't think about the Vin till left.

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The guy with the yellow bird is not likely to make a couple of thousand now. He will probably loose a couple of thousand at this point. Seems to be more cancellations at dealers. I have heard of several cancelations in California. Probably all of the guys that thought they were going to make a couple of thousand.
clebus - told the guy would give him MSRP.

Reason suppose to get one at this price.
Would also know hasn't been test driven
how many times a day too.

For a car with 300 miles that drivers
seat (yellow insert) sure was dirty.
I didn't see the actual miles, just his
word. Put the top down and glare/angle
could not make out.

Said for his information, go over to the
Ford dealer a mile up road. They are offering
3000 over MSRP on new units coming in.
Check out if don't believe me, since going
to have to offer a better than that to

Another thing they painted pin stripes down
the side. After I left thought how much
would it had cost to have stripes removed.??

Yeah I don't know about your state, but sales tax would put it about that price with MSRP + tax.

But a painted pin stripe? Are you sure it was painted? The tape/stickers come off real easy. What color? Trying to figure out what stripe would look good on one. The whole idea is clean...
It was painted guys. Consisted of a wider
and small hair line. Salesman said it gave
the car a break in its lines (what's that
suppose to mean, no idea). It did not add
anything to the car.

On the car on the forum page it ran from the
headlights just under the chrome grill back
to the rear above thunderbird.

Color was black.
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