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heating and air blowing at same time?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by chestnut101, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. My 03 tbird starting to blow and hot and cold air from the vents at the same time, Any clues ?
  3. Mine did the same thing. You need to take it to your mechanic.
  4. its at ford and they cant figure it out
  5. I did what was the fix for youre problem?
  6. Happened to me too several years ago (2005 Tbird). I believe it is an electronic component issue in rour AC system. My dealer knew about it, but I had my private mechanic replace the component. Now it is happening again. I'll go to my Ford Dealer this time and will want to know the labor & parts warranty this time.
  7. i replaced the heater control valve , but problem reapeared a week later. tried the to recalibate by switching to 90 for 2 minutes then to 60 for 2 minutes seams to have cleared it up
  8. same problem again any guidance or good guesses?
  9. I have that problem now, its not the control valve. Its the broken acturator arm in the heater control box under the dash. 9 hrs labor at 105.00 an hour. How did you solve your issue. Thanks Jack
  10. still not fixed parked the car
  11. The heater control box has a actuator that opens and closes the heater flap. Its not available new anymore. Ford wants 9 hours labor at 100. Bucks an hour. Trying to find one in a auto salvage yard.
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  12. My 2005 T Bird suddenly started blowing hot air no matter what settings I have selected. I ran the AC self test and got the codes of 27 99 and 27 97. Anyone know what these codes mean?
  13. not sure try google

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