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There was talk earlier about protection for our head lights. I been in contact with a company that makes them for my GoldWing motorcycle, and many more applications. It is aircraft quality. He is looking into the possibilites and he will post here.(I think)

I think he will need at least 50 orders to process and manufacture. If you are interested I can pass your name on to Steve.

Just let me know. Joy

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yellowwing1 count my vote also on this one.

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I'm completely with Hobobob on this one. I have two TC's and have headlight protectors on both of them as well as the front park/turn lenses. The headlights were near $500 when they were available new, but are now in the $2K range used. The park/turn lenses were $100 when available new and I don't know where they are now. Both have been discontinued by Chrysler.
If the covers this thread is talking about are the same 3M material as what we have on the TC's it is great protection. Hobobob and I have been using this product for 8-10 years with no complaints.
George (chryslertcnut)

I can provide headlight and foglight protection. The material is 40 mil thick (1 mm). It is custom cut for the headlights and foglights. It does not affect the light quality. It has a $ 1,000 headlight replacement guarantee. It can withstand a one inch rock at 120 mph. It is easy to install. If interested, contact me.

I'm in too.

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He gave me a guestamate or around 45-55$ .
I guess he hasn't posted here yet.

We still need a car in the LA area for measurements and all. (could be a free set for this person, if you like them)
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