Headlamp switch - pull???

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I've checked the manual, searched the topics, but can't find this question.

Does the headlamp switch do anything when it is pulled out? It sure feels like another switch position but I can't detect that it does anything. Does this turn on the "fog lamps" in the Canadian version?

Why did I give it a tug? Because that's how I turn on the fog lamps in my Chrysler.

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You may be right about the Canadian foglamps.
We also own a 2002 Focus ZX5 and it has foglamps. You pull the headlight switch out to turn them on.
The switch is probably a generic Ford part and just doesn't do anything on cars without fog lamps.
I think it would have been nice if they wired it so the pull-out switch would turn on the auxiliary parking lights. They are pretty much just like fog lamps and in some cases, such as driving on a two-lane road, it would be nice to just turn them on. You wouldn't need all the other lights that come on when the parking lights are on.

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I was told by a Ford Rep. that the light switch is a standard switch for Ford, and that on other model cars it is used to turn on the fog lamps. Since the fog lamps come on with the lights, bascially pulling the switch out does nothing.
Correct jt2233. When I picked up my Bird the salesman was going over the dah area with me. He mentioned that he had a lincoln LS and that was the same switch. In the LS, it turns on the Fog Lamps
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