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I've mentioned this before but I am seriously thinking of painting my Top Red to match the Full accent Interior on my Black car. I am going to swap tops with a red one here in town to see what it looks like in the 'flesh', but when I swapped them on two of my models, I was blown away with the look of the red top on the black car, and frankly, I liked the black one on the red car as well. Anyone thought of doing this? It seems to me it would add another element of individuality as it can't be ordered from the factory that way.

On another note -- is there any indication of the reatio of card ordered with vs. without the hardtop? It seems to me that just about every car in Jodrod's list had the 2 tops.

#1429 Black Premium with Full Red Interior.

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I'll check the data but it will be a very small number for softtop only.

If you can take a picture with the red top on your car I would be very interested. I am considering buying a second top and have considered silver and red. I have a black also but with black accent interior. I saw a picture of one with a white top but didn't care for it, reminded me of a black and white police car.

I'll definately take some pictures and post them. I think we'll swap in the next few weeks -- the weather has been so great here there's been no reason to put the top on.
Thanks, I'll be looking forward to them. Fl has been the same, but I'm going to put it on today, just looks soooooo cool with it on. I counted only 4 with softtop only out of a total of 363.
I know my dealer here in York Pa. told me that out of the 12 cars they were getting only one person ordered without the hard top.I guess this would be considered the Deluxe but I'm not sure on that.

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Yours is one that I counted.

I live in FL and will probably drive it 99% of the time in top down mode but I figured 15 - 20 years down the road the car would be more valuable with the top, both as a collectable and for points. And after having seen it with the top on I now realize it was a very good decision.
My top was damaged at delivery and to paint the top the back window needs to be removed. and the seal is part of the window and if the seal is damaged you will have to replace the window. In my case the top was replaced.
According to my salesperson, the hardtop is a 90% controlled commodity - meaning that at least 10% must be ordered without the hardtop. That may become an issue for the last series of vehicles ordered and built.

Might make it easier to get one after the first quarter if you order without the hardtop. (I personally think the hardtop is half of the car).
I ordered a Black Prem. without the hard top for two reasons, I have a 55 and a 57 T-Birds with both tops and take the hard tops off in May and put them back on in November for winter storage, and feel that I Don't need thee tops taking up space in my garage. I am only going to drive the 02 bird in the summer.

My Neiman top had tar like substance that ate a 2mm hole thru the paint in the center of the top.
I asked for a repair or repaint and they chose a repair, as they said what you posted, the removal of trim and window will destroy most of the parts they need to take off.
The repair is good in all but diffused light.
One friend suggests asking for a new top as this was a 42K car and should have near perfect paint.
WixomPooh, this was not paint problem, but probably the trucker/shippers fault.

How did you get a new top?

I am thinking of asking, but since it's a Neiman top, they may want mine for the porthole glass, and I want the hardtop for the rest of the Winter.

At a Christmas party last night, many people who had only seen the Bird with the soft top, said they preferred the "Classic look" of the silver NM top. A top hoist system that does no damage is a must for me.

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I ordered the hardtop, also. Do not intend to use it much, but you never know. it looks soooo good.

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For those of us in Florida and California the HT seems to be a reflection of the bird's personality. Most people who know what the car is know there is a rag under those sharp portholes.

They also think the car looks good both ways. I forced myself to make the hardtop a winter option (Nov - Feb) and can't wait until February for the summer option.


For us in FL it's the complete opposite. We'll be using the hardtop during the summer months when it's really hot and humid here, and the ragtop during the delightful winter months (November - April).

Enjoy your new ride. Still waiting for mine...

I guess I'm just a die hard, ragtop 12 month per year.
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