Hardtop or no hardtrop?

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How bout you. What way do you think the car looks the best? Too bad the softtop doesn't have the porthole windows.

Planning on making the Route 66 road trip.

Already debating about if we go with the hardtop on or not.

I for one really prefer the look of the car with the hardtop on. Ours is Yellow with the
white hardtop. Some don't like the combination, We love it.

BUT, Would hate to give up the ability to run with the top down.

Maybe a trailer for the hardtop. LOL

Looks like photos at the car shows are usually with the hardtop on.

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Nuttygambler, can't answer your question except the Bird looks great both ways. Depends on what you want. Eather way you will look GOOD.

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NuttyGambler, You and me both!! I want to be able to ride with the top down, but who the H@%% knows. Its a tought call. But I think it will be without the top.
I've noticed that when my car has its hardtop on, it seems to get a lot more attention than when it's in convertible mode.

But for Route 66 in the summertime, I'd suggest going for the open air!

I'll bet that top will be up, more than down, in August from Missouri on. I know in Oklahoma, you'll be looking at 95-100+ temps that time of year (does SF ever see those kind of temps)unless it is accidently raining (not that likely). Anyone have any idea how well the soft top holds in the cool with the A/C on? With it being black, it will be absorbing some major heat itself, not to mention the black in the interior (you'll be sitting on the "cool" yellow part). You might be able to get some top down driving in early in the AM and after dark that time of the year.


As to the original question, very few convertibles look good with the soft top up. I don't expect the bird to be much different. The lines of convertibles are designed to show the car off with the top down. Fortunately, the bird looks great with the hardtop!


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Car looks GREAT with the soft top up and, since it's triple lined the AC works just fine too. My car is black and I live in Georgia and I've had it since September when the temperatures were still in the high 90's. I wouldn't hesitate to store the hardtop come spring and not use it again.
When I first ordered my Bird I did not opt for the top, living in FL I figured that it would sit in the garage all the time. But after some thought, I decided down the road the car would be worth more with the top, so I added it. I had never seen a Bird in person until I picked mine up, of course the top was in place. Wow, am I glad I ordered it, granted the car looks superb in any configuration but the porthole windows just set it off. The car will spend most of it's time in convertable mode but the hardtop is going to be on a lot more than I figured it would be.

I agree with Paula, I seem to get more oohs and aahs with the hardtop in place.

And as DavidA states, with the triple lining the car is plenty comfortable top up in the heat. It takes no time to cool down even after sitting in the HOT FL sun (with either top) all day. BTW mine is a triple black.

I thought I got a lot of attention with the top down last summer but boy was I wrong. The hardtop commands more comments than I realized. Still Like the idea of top down driving and expect to make Thunder on 66 without the hardtop. Just think how lucky we are compared to the early birds. Our 2002 should make the trip without any problems.
The T-Bird delivers shear beauty in any of it's three forms but does seem to grab more ooh's & aah's with the "Classic" hardtop in place. I think most people are going to opt for top down mode on Thunder on 66. We are going to participate from Amarillo to Albuquerque then return home. Seeing as how most people will be traveling top down I think I'll leave the top on so the gawkers can see the car in both of its forms.

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ok, Tony. order up a truck suitably equipped with storage bins and lift so we can have it both ways. (all 3 actually)

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Sheesh-you people are so finicky!!


The trip will be a ton of fun-hopefully I can get most of the planned upgrades done to my 93.

I just found a new toy-in 1993, there was a company that customized a few of the 93 birds in a two-seat version-complete with porthole windows in the C-pillar. This one has seen better days, but it has the 5.0 HO option, and is fully loaded-adjustable suspension, moonroof, full leather seating, full power including custom Recaro seats with lumbar and side bolster supports. Bought the car for 1800-now comes the fun part-doing the restoration! Really weird seeing this one next to my 93 LX-the car is 11 inches shorter than the LX! Wish I could get her done before Thunder-would make an interesting counterpoint to the 2002s that will be riding with us.

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