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Hello to all my Thunderbird-loving friends. It brings me great joy to announce that as of next Tuesday I will be the proud owner of a 2002 Ford Thunderbird. The road to my new toy was a long and rocky one as some of you know, but some situations in my life changed and now, at long last, the time is drawing near. I was fortunate enough to find a T-Bird at a fairly local dealer which had been ordered for dealer stock.

My new baby is a blue premium model with a blue hardtop and partial blue interior. I am so glad to be back--I hadn't really participated in the boards too much since I had to cancel my order last summer because it depressed me, but rest assured I'm back with a vengeance now. I've got embroidered floor mats, a chrome Neiman Marcus hood scoop, and 2 2002 Explorer V8 emblems just waiting for their new new home to arrive next week.

Have there been any hot topics since I've been gone? I need to get back up to speed.


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Let me be the first, but not the last, to welcome you back, w.p. Be careful, GW has been seen roaming the grounds.

('02 T-bird owner for 23 days)

I guess I should have waited patiently a little longer. Just last week I posted names of people who should have received their vehicles but I had not recieved any word on. Your name was on the list and I thought you had left but was not sure. Someone confirmed my suspision. You got deleted.
Happily though it looks as if I can once again add you to the list. Please see "VINs/Dates/Destinations II".

I guess you are blue no more yet blue still.

Welcome back!
WP, really glad to see you are getting your Bird. About the same as mine except for inter. I got the full. Believe me , YOU WILL LOVE THIS CAR. I set in my garage and just sit there for 1/2 to an hour and just look at it. Don't even have to drive it although I DO sometimes. Just wait and see, you will feel the same the day you pick it up.

02 T-Bird
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2-Seadoo Jet Skies
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Hey congratulations!!!

Now we are a "Force of Two", we need to figure out a decent ride to go on!

(NB - WP lives about 2 miles from me.)

Feb. 9th I'm doing a drive through Lancaster County with my Z3 car club, I'll keep the maps and we can do it the TBirds.

I'm very happy for you, nothing but the best of luck.

Tom M

I cannot tell you how good it makes me feel to see you back here. I'm so glad things worked out for you and you are once again among your internet family. I passed along your well-wishes from the last time we e-mailed, and as you can see, you were sincerely missed during your absence. I believe you were one of the very first "regular" contributors in the BON forum that I can remember. Once again, welcome back and enjoy your new Thunderbird! I'm now hoping to pick mine up this coming Thursday/Friday.

Welcome back, WP. Did you ever make it to the mystery drive in Villanova, Pa.? Nothing has changed. GW is still bleating about what the car IS NOT. He is now one of the most reviled people in the hemisphere.
He lurks and sporadically posts his inane messages.. Feel free to let him have it, like you used to.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18
joelja, Now be nice.

02 T-Bird
69 Vette
73 MGB
97 F-150 4x4
2-Seadoo Jet Skies
a dog a cat and a couple hundred fish in my pond
Welcome back WP. Things have been going rather smoothly here with only a few peaks & valleys. The best thing to report is that I would guess 30 - 40% of the people on the board have received their cars. Hope you thouroughly enjoy your car. I know you will.

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EXCELLENT!!!!!! Welcome back. Wasn't your original order with the white hardtop? Maybe we can find someone to trade tops for you. I remember your passion and your disappointment. I am very happy you are getting your bird.

If you haven't been lurking in the background you might want to check the Thunder on 66 posts.

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
Glad to have you back WP........
I still have no vin #. 7 of 13.. Blue/Blue/Premium..w/opt. white top. Hope to have a vin within the next few weeks. The wait has been more than I can endure at times. I am very happy for you! Please post some pix.....
Welcome back WP and yes even you GW. I hope to pick up my white bird next week. It was released to the convoy today and only has to fly 60 miles south to temperance, Michigan. I have a large nest to park in if anybody gets near Findlay, Ohio...I may even let an M# park here if they bring true New York cheesecake and pastrami..
Welcome back, WP-I only have another three years to wait until I get my bird.

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I also want to welcome you back WP. You have been missed. There are a ton of helpful folks on this site to help you customize your Bird from mats to hoists and so on. Happy Birding.

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