Gender of car name (and what sex is Tweety, anyway?)

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Some of my co-workers have been giving me grief about naming my car after a "boy." They claim that, like ships, cars must be given female names.

Does anyone have any insights into this weighty matter?

As I've posted elsewhere, I stole Lon O'Connell's idea and named my yellow 'Bird "Tweety." After a lengthy poll I conducted as to what Tweety's gender really is -- about 1/3 of the people thought it is a girl, and 2/3 thought it is a boy -- I checked the definitive Warner Bros. website and learned that he is indeed a boy.

Still, there seems to be some ambiguity as to the nature of that cute little yellow guy, so I use that as an argument when people chide me for my choosing a male name. I claim that Tweety is sexless.

Also, I know that one of you folks named your car "Amadeus," and that sure as heck isn't a girl's name!!!

Where is the expertise on this subject???

(And Lon, surely you must have an opinion.)

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My wife and I had a good argument about this yesterday. Here it is:

All badd ass cars that are loved by their owners, who feel that another person driving them would be a sacred violation, are female.

Also, all awesome cars have a tendency to need attention and can be moody, but are always faithful and will always get out of jam -- even go that extra mile on empty.

Finally, according to my wife and I both, when we wax our bird in the trunk area, you can almost see her smile with that extra pleasure that is rewarded by that extra ummmph when you hit the pedal.

We both believe that all male cars are cars that are trashbins loaded with crap, or cars with a specific purpose like our Navigator. We do have a Harley Davidson F-150 that we use on occassion for moving stuff, but she is an unwilling participant.

For the record, my wife and I do not swing and have five children. However, we hold these views and proudly tell all that our Bird is a Bitch.

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Though I would NEVER call my car by that nomenclature, I do know that its sex seems to be very, very ambiguous. I know it seems smooth and sexy also quick and easy, its also seems low and lean, deep throated and pushy. So you can see the dilema that we have been dealing with.
On one hand I wanted to call her Grace and the EZtop lift Will. Get it, Will and Grace??
Then I liked Niles for the car and Frazier for the lift. (The show)
So in the end, I like her for her smooth beautiful figure, and I like him for being a handsome gentleman. And on the RT 66 tour when you hear me talking to Grace and Niles you will know and feel my love and respect for this beauty..
I imagine that mine would be a Goddess rather than a bitch....... though I've been known to mistake the two.....

I think that she might be beyond naming for me in any case.


niteflight - sounds like you just named her, "Goddess".
Pass on the female dog remark. We all know the T-bird isn't a dog!
Paula - I always thought Tweety was sexless. On the other hand, the car is still female, even with a male's name. How many humans can we think of with that situation? You can always start a contest with your co-workers to come up with a better/cuter name.
If you hear I'm calling mine Nellybelle, after I pick her up tomorrow, you'll know why.
As a female bird owner, I am certain that my Redbird is a male. He embodies everything about a perfect man....strong and powerful, yet smooth and sweet, gorgeous, sexy, not cheap, and his sole purpose is to make me happy. :)
Thanks to Paula (for bringing up this indeed weighty matter), to Rt2Esq (for his irreverent contribution - I knew you didn't mean the canine variety, neither did I), and to Kristi (for validating the Goddess direction).

I've decided to name my upcoming triple-red T-Bird "Freyja" (Fray'ah):

- Norse goddess of love and beauty (appealing to the Danish part of my heritage)
- Advisor to men on affairs of the heart (of which this definitely is one)
- Possesor of a magic cape of Falcon feathers that gave her powers to take the form of a Falcon, and to fly (which is what I intend to do with her at every possible opportunity).
Say folks, I wonder what Gary Whitaker considers his Z3, ooopppss!!

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Sex of Tweety? Probably one one out of a thousand people can tell the sex of a bird. Gary is it an M3 you need in New York to get around the Checker Taxi Cabs?

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The new Tbird is for California surfer dudes who are so stoned they can't drive faster than 30mph. Since the freeways here are nothing but parking lots we do not need a fast car.
Skid Pad alert!!! Skid Pad alert!!!

Courage - and shuffle the cards
Alright, I'll take this up.

1st of all Gary,
Congratulations on your Titanium Silver BMW. I know it's going to be a stunning car, and that you'll be very happy with it. It is technically excellent, has good build quality, looks great, and the marque has an illustrious history.

2nd, re. your geographic basis theory for choice of cars: Flash: the 3 posts prior to yours came from LA and Seattle. Last time I was there (last April) LA didn't look like sleepy "Middle America" to me. As for Seattle: ever heard of Boeing, Microsoft ("that there technology"),, Starbucks, Immunex, AT&T wireless,... I could go on, but I won't. Flash: There are actually New Yorkers buying new T-Birds too (like Katie Couric).

3rd: regarding your assertion that New Yorkers are somehow more "complicated": I will expand a bit on Lon O'Connell's Checker Cab remark: I once heard a commedian from NY joke that, until he was 24 years old, he thought that all cars were yellow and had lights on top.

Speaking for myself, the choice of car involves childhood memories (a beautiful red Galaxie convertible that I grew up with), association with place (perhaps an easier concept to develop where nature is abundant and close-by), its looks, other matters of the imagination, as well as more rational, objective considerations. Certainly I wouldn't buy it if it were pathetically unreliable or poor performing - but it's not. It's just that those other things enter into the equation. Just about everything you've asserted about the BMW vs. the T-Bird is true, but it's all thin, technical rationality, devoid of heart. You say you've never named a car. That's too bad. Could be, when it comes to choice of a car, that you're not as "complicated" as you'd like to think - even though the car itself may be. Two quotes from Einstein for you:

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

4th: Regarding the other adjectives you applied to New Yorkers - "the best", "fast", "competitive", and "somehow frightening to others" (I especially liked that last attempt to puff up your ego by casting yourself as a vaguely threatening character): Whatever works for you, and that goes for the car too.

I'm not knocking the car (great car), NY (amazing city), or New Yorkers (I work closely with 3 New York ex-pats out here in Seattle - 2 of whom left VP level positions in well known companies to move here). I wish you well, and look forward to more of your mischief-making here amongst our little community of T-Bird fanatics.

I will close with an appeal to return to the humble topic of car names and gender - anyone?
Niteflight. Couldn't have said it better myself. LOL. Great review. Thanks for your input.

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niteflight, thank you sooooo much for your brilliant response to GW. Your words stand out in stark contrast to his infantile, obsessive babblings.

Pity the poor, pathetic soul. Perhaps he will get the more than subtle hints that keep raining down on him.

I too have borrowed from Lon, and have Tweety1 resting on the front and back of my Bird, just a stons throw fro NYC, Philly, & D.C., not the Heart Lands of America at all.

being a boater, it isd tradtion that boats be named after women since the have so much in common. But most woman boat owners I know use a mix of names....mostly male their crafts.

Of course we all know Tweety is a boy, who else could get away with all the stuff he did to the putty tat?

FYI: all my friends up in NYC lease cars to get anywhere, they say why own a car in NYC since there's never a parking place near Barny's?

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