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I was wondering what type of gas mileage everyone else is getting with their birds. The best I've gotten so far is 15.9 mpg...the worst is 13.9. Mine is driven mostly around town, I haven't taken it on a long road trip yet.

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LOL: That is why I no longer even bother doing the math. I hate it when people tell me they get so much better with the same car/truck. It is also fun to make people's mouth drop when you tell them you have no idea. The NERVE.

I guess it really depends on how quickly one gets from zero to seventy now doesn't it.
LOL NuttyGambler...maybe my 0-70 times are causing the low mpg. But at least I can say I never had anyone beat me leaving a red light. I think I will take your advice and quit checking the gas mileage. If someone asks, I will just say "$20 twice a week"
I drive mine with a VERY heavy foot and usually cruise the highways at speeds in excess of 80. My average is about 17 with 23 in long trips. I'm quite happy with the mileage, but am not happy with the cost of the oil filters. The reality is that mileage is not the expensive part of car ownership and never really was. Have you ever really figured out the difference in cost between a car that gets 15 and one that gets 25 mpg. Ove average driving, it really doesn't amount to a "hill of beans".
I'm getting 17 mpg in town and 24 - 26 on the highway. I don't have a lead foot but neither do I granny it away from a light.

This is the same as I got with my '00 Mustang GT 5 speed.

No, I didn't buy it for the gas mileage! As my mom said, in for a penny, in for a pound. But I don't understand why I'm getting so much worse than everyone else! I always use the highest octane gas. Is there anything else you are supposed to do?? Help, I'm just a girl that doesn't know anything about cars!
I'm not trying to be insulting but do you have it in D5 and not D4? It is easy to bump the gear shift from D5 to D4. Also how fast do you accelerate from a standstill?
I get about 15+ mpg in town and 21 highway (driving at 85-90). These cars are new so I am sure mileage will improve with time (around 10,000 miles). My LS gets a litle better mileage 17/23 and has over 25,000 miles on it.
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Someone ask me this question over the weekend. By the way, they loved the car. I just said, I'm not too much worried about it and they just LOL and said I don't blame you. Just drive it. It's sort of like people asking me what kind of milage I get on my 69 Vette. WHO CARES.

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Tbird Lover: It may be that your car is still not 'broken in". How many miles do you have on it now? If you don't yet have 1000 miles on it, don't be concerned. One other thing, have you checked to see if the tire pressure is correct? Low pressure will cause low mileage as well as driving in D4.
Jodrod-no offense taken...I freely admit to having limited car knowledge. I do have it in D5 (haven't gone to look in the car, but it's the one that is straight down, not to the right). I usually do accelerate quickly from a standstill...I can't help myself it's so fun having your head thrown back.

DavidA-I have about 1400 miles on it after a month of ownership. The best mpg was the last tank, so maybe it is improving. Thanks for the tip about the tire pressure. I will check that.

Thanks to everyone for their advice/input. I think I will check the tire pressure then stop worrying about it. Anyway, I still would have bought it if it got 10 mpg! It's FUN FUN FUN!
Haven't checked my mpg. I expect it will get less the the Lincoln LS and my wifes Olds Aurora,both with similar V8s. The fun factor takes this cars milage down!

BTW My AMX with an AMC (Not Ford) pushrod 390 V8 gets about 8mpg in town. And is also of no concern because of the FUN!

The FEDS and tree huggers would like us to get 40mpg, so have fun till Uncle takes the gas away!

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I just got back from the Santa Barbara trip and toped of the tank just to check the milage. On a trip of 923 miles and about 2/3 freeway, (we, TRCruiser and I drove down Hwy 1 along the coast, pictures later). I got 26.9 MPG. Most freeway speed which I tried to keep, was between 70 and 75 using the cruise control. Last time I checked it around town, half freeway and half town driving I got 19.5. I do have a light foot normaly, casue when driving the wifes exploroer, I always get 1 more MPG than she does while watching the MPG display. I also have just a little over 2000 miles on in my first month of driving. Love this car.

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Who cares what kind of milage we get with the T-Bird. It is fun to drive and the looks you get, and the questions that are asked, are moore fun than the price of gas.

Wow, John! You must be basing your figure on the round trip from Healdsburg - but even so. I logged something like 670 miles on the round trip from Redwood City and estimate my milage was in the low 20's [didn't fill up each time].

I know the needle dropped a lot faster from 1/4 to E than I anticipated on the stretch from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara. By the time we crossed the Avila grade I was nearly running on vapor. The fuel indicator had been on for a 50-mile stretch where we passed no service stops whatsoever. If it hadn't been for ronj's able assistance locating the first Santa Barbara gas station, I might have been calling for roadside assistance!
I have been getting about 17-18 mpg in nearly all freeway driving. I only do about 5-7 miles of city driving each day, but most days I drive about 100 freeway miles (I'm using trains/buses to cut down on my mileage now!).

After reading this thread two days ago, I decided to try using cruise control on my two freeway trips today (covering about 150 miles). Driving about 65-70 the whole time, I got 21.3 mpg, the FIRST time I've cracked 20 in nearly 5,000 miles of driving (and I've only had the car 6 weeks...
). And yes, I drive only in D5, use only 91 octane fuel, and the tires are correctly inflated.
The bottom line is that the MPG in the City and on the Highway is respectable for a vehicle that delivers just the right punch when needed.

My wife drives a Viper GT-ACR that sounds like it sucks down gas while idling, and I don't want to know what her MPG is but she sure seems to spend alot of time at the gas station. I've had a Grand Wagoneer that I loved but hated becuase it did 10MPG and finally dumped for that reason alone.

Personally, the bird gives me just enough range to feel comfortable with its mileage. I was able to take a round trip to S.B. and then drive around and across town (L.A.) the next day before filling up.

Count me as content on this issue.

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My first tank at 25000 miles new got 19.5 half highway / city heavy foot ac on top up and down. I’m ok with that, but will improve with a k&n air filter & up tire pressure to 35 rather than 30 on the placard. Premium gas is another factor. My 1700 KAWASAKI got 46, but this is much safer, nicer no helmet and cool factor exceeds mileage concern.
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