Funky Defroster

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The last two times that I have turned on the front windshield defroster, having it set to 90F, I have not gotten any heat. After recycling the controls the heat would finally come on. Has anyone else noticed this? This has just started happening, before the heat would come on immediately.

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Jodrod, wouldn't think it got that cold in Fla. But some of my older T-Birds with the climate control, the heater would not come on till the engine got up to operating temp. Then everything would work fine. But it had to be somewere below 30 for this to happen.

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The engine was up to full operating temp and I had it out of automatic mode. As I stated this just started, up until the last two times it worked just fine.

I use the heat to help dry the outside of the window when the car gets dew on it.
I've noticed that the defroster on my '95 seems to engage the air conditioner compressor. The controls on the new one, when set for auto, seems to light up the "a/c" button when I push the defrost button. I looked for some info in the manual pertaining to what controls functioned in conjunction with the others, but didn't see anything.
What you say about the A/C is true but you should also be able to turn up the heat so that the air coming out of the defrost vents is warm. With the high humidity in FL, using the A/C only will cause condensation to form on the outside of the window. My whole purpose of putting the heat on is to help dry the outside of the window.
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Anyway, I noticed that when I have the automatic heat control on, the rear window defogger goes on automatically. Is this suppose to happen? The car is in the garage with a cover on it so it can't be because of frost.
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