Martin P

Martin P

1955 Ford Thunderbird Raven Black
Last seen
May 1, 2020
Thunderbird Year

This 1955 Ford Thunderbird is finished in Black Raven over tuxedo vinyl and powered by a 292ci Y-block V8 paired with a three-speed Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission. Features include a Black non port hole removable hardtop, a newly replaced STA-Fast Haartz Canvas Convertible Soft Top, frame was removed and Powder Coated, new Stainless Steel Rivets Chrome Plates and hardware replaced. 6-volt
electric still in place. Chrome wire wheels, PerTronix electronic ignition, dual dashboard speakers, and a retro-style (original Radio Conversion) Bluetooth stereo. The car was acquired by the seller from previous owner in Rochester NY (acquired April 2013), Prior owner was located in Philadelphia with receipts dating to 2008 during overhaul.
Following items have been changed continued the previous restoration: reworked to Interior (completed 2013) removing seat covers and replacing core beneath
Previous owner conveys that during inspection that the
Car was believed to have been built as a racer as it has the double side frames, reinforcement bar built under the front sway bar.
All New electrical wiring harnesses including Main Wiring, Horn, Heater, Headlight and Parking Light Body & Sockets assemblies replaced.
Heater Motor assembly replaced with new. Suspension: New Rear leaf springs, front Steering bushings were replaced, and a rear stabilizer was added, Master Brake Cylinder was rebuilt, and lines replaced during Front Disc Brake overhaul. A New (OEM) Holly teapot Carburetor was replaced following a
comprehensive overhaul. New Stainless Steel Exhaust System. Power Window Rollers, Switches and Motors were all replaced. New high-performance Battery Cables were added to assist in any starting issues. New Diamond Back Whitewall Radials were added 2020. Fuel filter, and air filters have been replaced and 2nd fuel pump was added as a backup for any potential vapor lock issues. The Original Clock was rebuilt with Quartz Movement. All Current fluid services and tune-up are up to date.
This Thunderbird is offered with manufacturer’s literature, workshop manuals, Vehicle Maintenance History from previous ownership California title in the seller’s name.
The car was originally Overhauled extensively by Bob Ore Restoration Enterprises Inc in Erie, PA with receipts dating back to December 2008. Car retained original Raven Black and complete Interior Tuxedo Black/White was Replaced in 2008 and again in 2013. Engine rebuild and Transmission, Brakes and Suspension Work completed. 15” Wire Wheels were added. Car Retains Original Hood scoop, rear fender skirts with bright rock guards, newer re-chrome bumpers (2014) Hooded headlights, Fender Skirt
and Rock Guards. Paint chips and other blemishes are documented in the gallery below. Paint work is exceptional less the minor blemishes, high quality sheen and deep rich Black. A Ceramic Coating was applied April 2021. Neoprene Rear Seal was replaced in 2016. Extensive preventative overheating work
was performed in 2016 with new Radiator, specialized Water Pump, Thermostat, hoses, 6 blade fan, 6” Pulley, Heater Water Valve, overflow reservoir and Block flush.
$60,000 OBO additional images are available


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Did you use us as a referral on BAT? If so you are eligible for a free promotion in our weekly newsletter!

I am going to be selling this on BAT the add has been accepted so keep an eye out for this so you can get the credit. Thanks for the heads up!
I am going to be selling this on BAT the add has been accepted so keep an eye out for this so you can get the credit. Thanks for the heads up!
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