Will the rotor turn? That gap will disappear as soon as you bleed the brakes.

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It doesn't look like that's a floating caliper; it looks like it's hard mounted to the bracket.
I agree, however without better pictures it's difficult to get an accurate understanding...
It doesn't look like that's a floating caliper; it looks like it's hard mounted to the bracket.
A four piston caliper is not a floating caliper. Because it is not a floating caliper you can't just bleed the brakes. If you do, as the brake pads wear the inner caliper pistons will over extend and possibly leak. I agree with biddle that you should contact the seller of the part.

1955 Thunderbird Blue

Bought and installed this disc brake conversion kit DBC5557T-14. All went well but rotor is not centered between pads with pistons fully retracted and on one side is tight against the rotor. Can’t be shimmed as this would pull the tight pad even tighter to the rotor. See pics. Any ideas?
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What kit is this? Does it use the Mustang calipers? You could possibly shave some off of the mounting bosses. Thanks!
I just installed Wilwood 4 piston calipers on my 55. They are very similar to other 4 piston non-floating calipers. My installation required shim washers on the bolts between the caliper and bracket to center the caliper on the rotor.
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Hello All!

Hoping for some user feedback on the Speedway Motors 54-56 Ford front disc brake kit #91032000 and dual master cylinder upgrade kit #91032008. Both kits are specifically called out to fit the Thunderbird and their demo vehicle is a ‘56 in their videos and online photos. It looks like they use the GM G-body calipers that have appeared on several other conversions along with the requisite fabricated mounting hardware and 11” rotors. The dual M/C kit uses the familiar Ford dual bowl M/C and a prop valve tuned for front disc/rear drum.

Anyone installed either (or both) of these kits? It appears they have eliminated the Midland front brake booster on their demo vehicle as part of the install but no mention is made of that. Any concerns running front disc brakes without the booster? In my mind I would think the disc brakes would be such an improvement over the original drums that the booster assist wouldn’t be missed, but I really don’t want to have to stand on the pedal to get the ‘ol girl to stop if I can avoid it.

Any first hand experience would be greatly appreciated!