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Is the Ford emblem or the word
"Ford" displayed anywhere on the
new T-Bird? The 1956 Bird had a
Ford crest on each front fender
beside the louvres. I've only
seen a couple of new ones up close
and don't believe I've seen any
reference to Ford on the car.
So, is the new T-Bird a Ford or is
it just made by Ford, like the Lincoln
or Mercury?

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I know its kind of small but check the reflectors/lights on each of the side body panels - I seem to remember blue oval logos imprinted on them.
I'll have to look at mine when it gets home. This may be like my 69 Vette. It doesn't have anything on it that I can find that says Chevy. Rtbrd, sounds like the wife has your Bird today.

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Yeah, I usually let her take it to work on Friday. A lot of times they will go out for lunch and it gives her a chance to show off, show it off.
That and it is dress down day so she will drop the top.
blue oval is on the key. the Ford bra also says ford on both sides, I think.

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