Ford Bra Part Number

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I'm wanting a Bra for my Bird, but my dealer doesn't have any information on accessories for the Birds.

Can anyone provide me with the Ford Part Number for the Bra? Or is there another supplier besides Ford that people are pleased with?

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I was going to send you off to my accessory webpage right now but the site has had too many hits in the past hour (doesn't take very many to hit it's hourly limit). Anyway, when it's back on, check out this page:
You'll find that number & others on that page.

The part is in Ford's 2002 Accessory catalog for all it's car models and has been since last fall so your dealer should be able to find it. They don't call it a "bra" though. It's called a "Full Front End Cover" which may be why your dealership couldn't locate it in the catalog. My catalog even has pictures of the Thunderbird with the "front end cover" on.

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When you get the Bra.. Be careful about the installation of the upper portion... The hook placement.. Your first instint will be to place them in the large slots in the hood.. This is wrong.... They go in the little slots.. Read the directions carefully... It's a very nice piece.. But my service gal advises not to leave it on for extended periods of time due to moisture.. This could discolor the areas covered...
The parts department at my dealership told me that it's not yet available...

Help! I'd like one and wanted to have it before I leave for Florida on Saturday...
Does anyone know of how I can get one quickly?


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I tried 4 times to order the Bra.. Everytime, I heard that it was not available.. Then, I found someone in the parts department that was really interested in helping me.. There was some research involved.. About 5 minutes with the right person... in about a week it was in... then there was a problem with the bra.. minor one... No Problem.. I will have a new one this week... Sorry about being long winded... They are available, you just need to get in touch with the right parts person..

I would get the xpel 3M clear bra if you really want the best protection.

The FORD bra will eventually rub the paint off or discolor the paint.

Putting it on and off is not easy and the clear 3M invisble shield is not going to detract from the car and the head lights kit will save you from chips or breaks.

You could get them to overnight the kits and hire a local to install or call the local installers for the whole deal. for headlight and paint protection

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We had the Ford bra on our black T-Bird at the California Cruise I to Santa Barbara. I ordered it from our local Ford dealer's parts department. We actually found a vertical tear in the fabric mesh over the grille after we got back from Santa Barbara and they replaced it with another one.

It does take some effort to put it on. One of the plastic hooks that anchors the hood piece to the hood broke under the bungee cord tension when I put the 2nd bra on last week. I bypassed those plastic hooks with metal S-hooks to make sure it did not break again. Be sure to get the 2 plastic hooks for the hood piece into the farthest small holes on the underside of the hood (just like it shows in the installation instructions), not the long holes under the hood.

But the bra is definitely worth it and needed with all the bugs we have here in the San Joaquin Valley. It was covered with bugs after our Easter day trip (110 miles each way) to Mother's house. Kim spent this evening cleaning all the bugs off. The bugs came off easily with a little water and rubbing.

You should remove the bra to wash the car though, because the bra should be dry to prevent mold or mildew.

Ford Part No. 2W6Z-19A413-BA. (app $100)

Happy Cruisin!

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