First Impressoins and Questions

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Though I'ed start this thread because there are a few of us getting our Birds in the next couple of weeks.
To start with,I picked mine up around 4pm today,1/28. I now have 38 miles on it. It had about 3 miles on it when we got it. As far as GOOD dealers, mine had us sign a paper that said they owed me one new wheel. The chrome on one wheel had two spots on it about the size of a pencil point. He said there was some dirt on the wheel when it was plated, they will replace the wheel. My salesman spotted it after all the prep was done. Really great guy!
I have one question. And no I didn't read the book YET. What is the red light that lights up when you first turn the car on. It is in the middle of the dash in the front.
I have seen all the pictures and even drove one on the Mystery Drive. But you can't appreciate this car till you get it in your garage and just sit there for an hour or so and just look at it. This car is automobile art, don't care what anyone else says.
Yes it has some problems, like visors, the hard top seems to be a little high in the middle and maybe a couple other things but this is the most beautiful car I have ever had.
I did get my chrome benzel on and the hood emblem mounted in the trunk. A few more things to do.

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The red light is for the seat belts -- it'll keep chiming at you every 30 seconds until you buckle up. There is a way to re-program it so it stops doing that when you unbuckle -- it's in the manual. Enjoy the car -- I have 6600 of the most fun miles I have put on a car in the last 30 years.

Congrats, we all know the feeling. If you haven't in a while, check out mike biddle's site again. She has alot of info that is helpful and better reading than the manual.

Happy Motoring!

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actually, i think the red light in question is actually the red light that is the built in car alarm. just flashes at start up to let you know it's operational. then flashes once you've engaged the alarm.
You are right this is the best car that I have driven since I bought my 1985 Mustang GT conv. Yesterday was 65 and sunny all day not normal for northern Ohio. I took the day off and my wife and I drove the bird all day. What a great day and what a great car. The handeling and performance of the car is very good, the top goes down and up very quickly, the comments from people at stop lights and the thumbs up on the highway were great. The first evening I brought the car home it started raining about ten minutes after I got her home so I spent about three hours in the garage going over every inch of the car. Have not found any problems with the fit or finish, only some swirl marks on the hood from the dealer trying to get the glue off from the shipping paper (black paint) no orange peel a very good paint finish. Thank you Wixompooh. Sitting next to the black 1955 Bird you can see where the 2002 gets her heritage but has modern style. I am very impressed with this car. I have had the car five days and 225 miles.
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