EZ-Top is now available for Tbird.

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Removable Tops sent out an email notice today that Hoists and Transporters are completed and we're shipping to those on our waiting list. But you know, at $498 for the complete motorized system, I think I can try the helpful friend hoist system for a while.
I purchased an electric top lift from ez top.And I must say I am very pleased with it. Also I dealt with a man named Emil Armendariz and he was a wealth of information.Even after the deal was done ,he was in no hurry to get me off the phone,and it was on his nickel.I highly recommend them their ph.no. is 1-877-219-6332
I purchased a lift from TOP/CAP EZ LIFT , manual type for a total with shipping for $186.00. I picked with out any help from any one else. I am happy with the way it works. Check out www.TOPCAPLIFT.COM or call at 1-800-760-2853, ask for Bruce.

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