Extended Warrantee - Good Idea??

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My Bird will be delivered in early March and I was wondering if the extended warrantee is a good idea. I plan to keep the car - so I am leaning toward getting it, but wondered what others thought.

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I was quoted about $2600.00 for 7yr/100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper. Is this what others have been told or should I shop around to a couple different Ford dealers? This bird will never see 100,000 miles while I'm alive, but I do want the longest comprehensive "time" coverage that Ford offers.

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I opted for the 1SourceAutoWarranty 10 years 100,000 miles. The reason for this is that it is far less exclusionary than the Ford warranty and was considerably less money. I compared the two policies line by line and feel reasonably secure with my decision. I guess only time will tell when/if there is a claim.


The risk you run with a non-Ford extended service plan is that the warranty company (or your selling dealer)can go out of business, other dealerships may not want to do "warranty work" for them, delays in getting approvals, requiring substandard (salvage yard) repair parts, etc. Ask the service department of another dealership about the plan you are considering purchasing - I bet they say what I've said.

Chances are you will never need it, so it becomes a peace of mind issue. But- most of the horror cases I've seen were with non-factory warranties where the warranty company or even the dealership sold out and no one wanted to honor the contract.

The other scenario is you are traveling and need a covered repair, but the warranty company and the remote dealership can't agree on the repair cost and you have to pay the difference or pay up front and apply for a refund (partial refund?) later from your warranty company.

Lon, your experience also?
RedBirdDlx you hit it right on the head. The Ford dealer I used to work for sold Ford ESP and an aftermarket plan called Service Guard. Those were the only two extended warranties we would honor at our dealership. When customers opted for our aftermarket program we quite often got feed back from them of an experience of traveling on the road and finding other dealers or repair shops would not honor Service Guard. As RedBirdDlx said if your dealer goes out of business there are about 4,000 other dealers that not only accept but must honor Ford ESP contracts. Also with ESP you get Ford new or remanufactured parts. With aftermarket plans they may only authorize a used engine or a used transmission to make the repairs and thats if you find a shop to honor the extended warranty. I say pay the higher price and stick with Ford ESP.

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i got the 7 year/60000 mile plan. knowing that i only put 25000 on my Miata in just under 5 years, I am taking the gamble that i will drive this a little more but not the 12000 miles a year that the longer ESP plan is, also going with the less milage, it was over $400 cheaper.

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Originally posted by WJR1007:
I was quoted about $2600.00 for 7yr/100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper. Is this what others have been told or should I shop around to a couple different Ford dealers? This bird will never see 100,000 miles while I'm alive, but I do want the longest comprehensive "time" coverage that Ford offers.

Check out Ford's Quality Care Website:

After my dealer tried to tell me that the Ford warranty cost over $3000 (in order to sell me a 3rd-party warranty for $2367), I found that Ford quotes $1900 for a 6 year/100,000 mile plan. Since I live in Southern California, the price may be lower than in areas with a lot of snow. Regardless -- don't accept what the dealer tells you the price of a warranty is without at LEAST checking this one out.

In my case, my dealer ended up having to refund me $467, which they claimed they could only credit to my loan (they wouldn't write a check). They also know that when I get the Blue Oval Certification survey, they will be receiving all 0s for lying to me and getting caught.
Ford has quite a few warranty options. I added another 3 year / 36,000 miles to mine. So I got double the warranty for somehere under $800 (I think that was the price... when they sat me down with the paperwork, all I could think about was driving it).

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I purchased the Ford ESP plan for 7 years or 75,000 for $1,195.00. I think that was a pretty good price. If you are interested in that same deal send me an email and I will check with my dealership to see if they will sell to others at that price.
I purchased the Ford ESP PremiumCARE 5 years 60,000 miles $845.00. If the contract is not used during the time frame or milage selected Ford refunds the price of the contract. They call this The Ford Signature Assurance program. I think I will check with my dealer and see if I can upgrade to 7 years 75,000

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Yes the prices are negotiable. Some dealers sell enough plans that they are on an earnback program and will sell one close to their cost to help win a contest or factory rebate. Pick the plan you want and call around to get the best price before you go to pick up your vehicle. Ford ESP only, in my opinion.
Prices are definitely negotiable. I have purchased a few new cars and most of them with the extended warranty. My experience is that if you tell your dealer what another dealer will sell it to you for; they will match that price. They want the sale just like everyone else.
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