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Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by levi3410, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. I want to get an exhaust with a deep/aggressive/loud motor sound. I have found bolt on dual exhaust(out the back) for $185 new. I would like to get flowmaster 40's or 44's for mufflers (to pass PA inspection) would this be the sound I am looking for? I only have the 3.8 v6 base but I don't know what they would sound like. Any advice?
  2. Dude you better make sure that you can get the dual to fit remember alot of T-birds won't allow this due to the location of the gas tank it sucks I know I'm deal with the same inconvenience now the 89-93" from what I understand will except a dual but it has to be made for the Thunderbirds due to the bending around the gas tank area
  3. I'm thinking of ordering it off of trubendz it says to call before ordering but with shipping it will cost $215 for the duals then I need to decide on mufflers but the link I put on my other post for the duals says they would fit. If they do will they make it louder?
  4. Hey dude check on ebay cause I'm going to most probably get mine from there it's about the same price and they're made for the T-birds so that is my advice and also the come in sections so it's easier to install it you can either use the clamps or have it welded once it's put on
  5. Hey I checked it out the place I think it's the same guys so good job bro you're on it bug time well done 185.00 can't beat that at all and thank you dude for that heads up
  6. Yeah i appreciate all the help! it means a lot. My tires are getting put on my rims tommorow and i cant wait to get them thursday!
  7. Hey, I got my chrome rims(Verde Protocol) and my White letter tires today! I hope you can see the picture but I was very excited! Next is my exhaust once I get the money!
  8. Before
    Sanding chrome before painting stripe red
    After chrome rims, white letter tires, and red stripe! Next is dual exhaust once I get the money!
    Thanks for all of the help! I hope you can see the pictures alright
  9. I would also at some point like to get air shocks to raise the rear end because it is much higher than the front because of the new front end any advice on where or what kind to get?
  10. Hey my bad I've been away from the computer I have got a lot of projects going on at the same time I like what you did with the side molding your'e lucky my '90 has the wider molding on it has to tape it off and re paint it that only option I've got four SC's I'm hooking up although my 35th SC is 100% redone it's alot of work keeping it up especially cause I'm using it as a daily driver no by choice cause my other three are down trans is out on one the other need to put the new motor back into it and the other is a 35th anniversary also have two of them very rare SC-Tbirds especially the one that's a five speed really rare but she's show ready just haven't found any shows in my area but I'm 100% positive she'll win first in it's class maybe take it all lol View attachment 1573 View attachment 1574 View attachment 1573 View attachment 1574

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  11. Your's is coming along nicely looking good I like what's going on there keep it up and it will be something to be nice don't get me wrong it's looking nice now but you know what I mean lol
  12. Thanks I was going to get dual exhaust with thrush welded mufflers this week but I am going to fix the thump I still have. I am still very confused and angry about it I cannot find it to save my life the only thing I have found somewhat loose or wobbling is a cross member but I don't know if that could be it but once that is fixed I plan on getting my exhaust but that might be awhile because right now outside we have over a foot of snow. thanks for the feedback though !
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  13. Check your motor mounts
  14. Yeah I haven't had time to work on it yet because its 17 degrees how hard are they to change?
  15. Hey I think I found my problem, I was under it the other day as my dad pushed on the trunk and my passenger side rear shock had a lot of play. With a little more inspection we narrowed it down to either the bolt holding the shock in place was wore out or the lower bushing in the shock is shot. My leaf spring bags are coming tomorrow and when we take my wheels off to install them we will see if I need to order a whole new shock or just the bolt. Thanks!

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