Engine won't rev up in Park

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Oct 17, 2002
Today I put the hardtop on for the winter.
When I was all finished and had the car back in it's stall in the garage, I thought I would just let it run for awhile since it hasn't been out for a couple of weeks (it's strictly a pleasure car).
After a while there were puddles forming on the floor under the resonators, which is not alarming in the fall weather such as we had today. That is one reason I wanted to let it get good and warmed up, in order to dry that stuff out of the exhaust system.
After a while, I decided to rev it up to help blow some of the moisture out. That is when I noticed that it would not rev over 3,000 rpm's. At that speed the engine started to stumble and act like it was only hitting on four cylinders.
I have never had a problem driving the car, it runs great, although I may have never had it over 3,000 rpm's while driving.
I'm wondering if this is an intentional thing built into the car's computer. Maybe a safety thing or to prevent you from over-revving in Park.
Has anybody else noticed this? I haven't gotten out the book but I did read it cover to cover when I got the car and don't remember anything about this.

Bob :)I'd rather be camping:) Schantz

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Yes it is intentional. If the ECM (electronic control module) does not receive a signal from the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) the ECM will not allow the RPM to go over 3,000. Once the ECM receives a signal from the VSS signifing that the vehicle is moving, it will then allow the RPM's to climb. Protection from over reving.

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Thanks, Lon. That's a relief. I kind of thought it was intentional and sure didn't want to have a service problem.
I love that car.
As I said, it's strictly a pleasure car and my wife and I take rides all over the SF Bay Area in it. If you'd like to see some of the pictures we took on our rides check out my Bob's Yellow Bird site.
The URL is http://www.geocities.com/bobschantz/
Thanks again.

Bob :)I'd rather be camping:) Schantz
Thanks, JFred.
I was going to get a yellow top but when I saw the white top on yellow I really liked it.
Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Bob :)I'd rather be camping:) Schantz
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