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Tom M

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Nov 28, 2001
OK maybe I'm nitpicking but about 10% of the time when I go for the turn signal I activate the windshiled washer. Aggravating!

Am I the only one?

Tom M

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on my LeBaron, it opens up my headlight doors for high beam
- guess that's what we get for all those convenient features on 1 lever.

I might add - I too, had to learn how to use the lever so that it only activated what I wanted it to. took lots of practice and watching how I applied pressure to the lever.

Yes I do it when I go for the cruise control, thats where it was on my '96 Riveria

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I can understand that Ford had to use a column stalk from other cars as a cost cutting measure. I just wish they had put a 1 second delay in the wash function!

Tom M
Tom M
Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, it happens to me all the time. I was going to bring up a thread on it but figured I was the only one who ever did that. I feel better now, knowing I'm not the only one, but it is still agravating when it happens.
Sometimes when I go for the turn signal I activate the wipers on a dry windshield. Now THAT's frustrating. I'm used to the windshield wiper stalk being on the right side of the wheel. Wonder why Ford couldn't have done this instead.

ditto, I like the idea of a short delay for the wash to kick in. Are there any engineers listing?

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My only problem with the controls is that the cruise in on the left side of the steering wheel, with the radio controls on the right. All of my previous Fords had the cruise on the right, so I keep forgetting which button to push when I want to adjust the speed, and end up changing the radio volume instead. Makes for confusion when I get into the '95 SuperCoupe and have to reprogram myself for the right-side cruise adjustment.
30 days from now this will be a non-issue. I think it's just right. (Driven only Ford products for 35 years).
Once you get used to it you will only want to buy Ford products in the future.
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You will get used to it. I hit the wipe switch more times than not when I first got my bird, but after 6000 miles I only hit every now and then.
I also have a Grand Cherokee and the radio controls are not only reversed from the T-Bird, but also on the back of the wheel -- Talk about confusing
, but you do get used to it in time. I have only washed my windshield once in the past few months by accident, but I do increase the volume a lot when I'm trying to set the cruise.
On the Escort (you read right) that I traded in, the wipers were on the right stalk, and the lights were on the left stalk, so I've activated the wipers several times when intending to turn on the lights. Like others have said, I'm sure we'll get used to it soon enough.
One nice thing - I don't ever touch the light switch. I just leave it on auto and it seems to work perfectly.

Tom M
It still happens to me sometimes too. My wife complained about it when she drove it too (only when I asked her about it though.) You're not alone. You get used to using it though without triggering it so often after a while.

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