Does Anybody Use Their DSP?

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I use my DSP (Digital Signal Processing) settings on my radio for the "Top Down", "Driver Seat" and "All Seats" settings quite frequently. This is a GREAT feature and really makes the sound much better when the top is down or when I am driving in the car by myself, by changing these settings on the radio.

I DON'T like the sound of the radio when I use the "Jazz Club", "Hall", "Church", "News" or "Stadium" settings.

What does everyone here think about the DSP system on the radio? Is there some unique setting that we are missing out on, which would make the sound system even better?

The Thunderbird sound system is a very good one, but I was just curious about the DSP settings.

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We played around with the DSP for some time and it's nice to change the settings for the different CDs. We like the Jazz Club and Hall but not too keen on Staium or Church. I guess we don't have that kind of music. Also the News mode is absolutely no good for music.

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I use the DSP all the time. I go from Top Down to All Seats as the top moves, but I rarely use the Driver's Seat option. I like the Jazz for, you guessed it --- Jazz stations, but usually keep the equalization off. I have a feeling my rear speakers are not working properluy as I need to set the fader almost 1/2 way to the rear to get them to balance properly with the fronts. The Bass seems to BOOM too much when I leave the fader in the middle where it's supposed to be. Anyone else have that problem?
The T-bird sound system was for me the singlest best surprise of my new vehicle. I think it is fabulous. I play around with DSP alot. I particularly like the Jazz Club setting, even though I don't listen to jazz! I have a now-standard demo I give my <jealous> friends. I go into News mode on the DSP, turn the volume down fairly low, turn on a favorite CD (blues, flamenco, rock, whatever), turn the volume up to a fairly loud level, and then hit DSP-JAZZ. It blows 'em away every time! Give this sequence a try to impress your friends (and yourself).

I noticed that with the hardtop on, the sound "seems" like its coming from the back of the car when, in fact, the majority of the music is coming from the front speakers. It's not as noticeable with the soft top on, but the effect is still there.

Overall, the T-bird sound system rocks. Big time.
Actually the sound system is not too good.I qualify that, the speakers are no good at all. They have no mid range whatsoever and the bass has to be turned down over hafway juat to get clarity. I went to my stereo place and, if I wind up keeping the car,the speakers will be the first thing to be changed. Also, those speakers that are on the center tunnel do absolutely nothing for decent sound. All they do is irritate my legs if I'm wearing shorts.
Wow, it certainly is subjective isn't it? Obviously there are a lot of different ears on this board.

For me, I find the rear speakers to be practically useless, so I have the fader set much more towards the front. I also agree with JRL that there is virtually no midrange. But I find that with "Driver's Seat" on (or "Top Down," in convertible mode), and in normal mode as opposed to any of those other modes like "Stadium," and with the bass cranked up fairly high, I can get pretty decent sound.

Overall, I'd give the sound system a 7.
JRL; From where I sit there is nothing you like about this car. It smells, the seats are no good, the sound system is terrable. Please just sell the car. I'm not sure there is a car made that you will like. Get rid of it you will never be satisfied. Reminds me of GARY!!!

I agree with jt2233. If there is nothing you like about the Thunderbird then you should sell it. I would say the vast majority of the folks on this board got their car for more than just basic transportation. We got it for the pleasure we get from driving it, the attention shown towards the car, the heritage, and the joy of just plain looking at the car. For most of us, ownership of this car is an enjoyable experience. There is no car manufacturer I know of who will let you come in and pick your seats, your stereo system, your performance package, every automotive option ever invented. If there was then we could all drive the perfect car for each of us, at a totally un-afordable price. You have to live with compromises and decide what car is best for your needs/wants. I once thought I would enjoy having a boat. After all the dollars I threw into that endeavor, I found that the happiest day of my boat owning life was the day I sold it. Millions of people love their boats but I was not one of them. Bottom line is if you don't enjoy your Thunderbird then you should find something you will enjoy.

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I love my TBird, but.......
I hate golf but I still keep playing it. How does Thurdsday look for you?

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Perhaps many of you don't have much experience with a lot of different new automobiles, I do. If I wish to voice my opinion about the TBird or any other car on any post, I can and I will. I have nothing bad to say to any one of you and respectfully you should not be telling me what I can write about or not. These are not subjective arguments (except perhaps the seats), they're true statements. These cars have several basic problems that Ford should have addressed during the design and build process. Who knows, they had enough time to get it right. As stated on my other post I now have to keep the car for awhile as we, unfortunatly,will be in court with Ford. (They won't take the car back).If any of you work for Ford and are connected with the right department talk to them, and ask them to take the car back and at that point I'll be out of everyone's hair.
PS Ford, as I've been finding out, has many cars with bad converter smells and,as I stated in my "smell post" this is not the rule of thumb in the automobile business but the result of shoddy manufacuring and/or poor ecu programming.
Joelja: -- Thurdsday is suster day and TbirdMarty will be fending off NUDOS that day. You may have to play at golf yourself that day or, find a stray NUDO.
Alright joelja and've said you don't want to play with Robin, but I'm a hack just like you guys! Let's plan a golf day...besides, I'm anxious to see this whole "trunk's big enough to hold 2 sets of golf clubs."
JRL; You are correct you have every right to state your opinion. no problem there. I am not telling you what you can or cannot write, and I don't believe I'm saying anything bad about you. My point was from all your posts, you have never stated anything you liked about the car. If that is the case and it's your opinion, why not just sell all your troubles. Maybe the next person will love the car. The lemon law is good, but it's not as easy as it may seem. Hopefully the latest recall notice will fix the smell problem, and your car will be taken care of. BY the way, you dont have to keep the car, you can sell it and drop the case. I hope it all turns out best for you keeping the car or not.
Getting back to the subject of the stereo, I am a professional musician who performs over 100 concerts a year with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and has done soundtracks for every major movie studio in Hollywood. In my opinion, the sound system in our cars is only adequate. That doesen't mean that a person who does not have as critical an ear as myself cannot and should not enjoy the sound.

For me, the best setting is "jazz club" for all music--classical, jazz, country, whatever. I switch to "news" when listening to speech. The subwoofers just add a booming effect (for me), so I usually keep the bass quite low in order to get some clarity in the sound.

In general, I find the sound system enjoyable, but let's not kid ourselves that it is anything other than a "plain vanilla" system with a lot of fancy sounding specs and settings.

I prefer listening to the sound of the car and the wind when the top is down!
Ditto jt2233. Life's too short to get all upset about something material like a car.

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This is for TBird Marty, TBird qualities:
I think the steering is quite nice. The brakes are very nicely modulated and have the best feel I've felt in years, not overboosted. For a reletivly softly sprung car, it handles quite nicely, and it's a very good looking car. Now, I've owned probably over 100 cars in my life(I'm not bragging or anything of the sort) and at least half of them were new. I've been in the automobile business most of my life and have been an enthusiast since I was a kid. What I'm getting at here is, if I want to criticize Ford for being so unbeliveably callous with their customer relations, not trying to fix such an annoying problem as this smell(and the other small things) and for the car having many faults after such a long start up with so many problems, I will, and I will here.
Thank you,
Oh, and by the way, I'm not particually upset with the car, you're right, it's just metal and plastic, or is it plastic with some metal. What I won't stand for is the way Ford treats their customers, especially me. That's why all the posts, and that's why I'll continue.

I've been down that road with Ford myself. I was one of those poor suckers that bought the First year Aerostar van. Or should I say Aerolemon. Unfortunatly there was no lemon law in Ga. at that time so I had to do that David vs. Goliath thing. It got to be a war of wills between me and Ford and that lemon. I agree with you that if there are problems with your car Ford should fix it under warranty. All of your posts up until now have been negative towards the car so the assumption was (right or wrong) that you were totally dissatisfied with your car. As far as posting goes, I have not suggested you stop. I have gotten some good info from some of your posts. That's what this site is about. To exchange info and experiences about the Thunderbird.

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JRL; I think it's plastic, a hint of metal and a bunch of NUDO. I'm still looking for the NUDO cow.
JRL you posted this on 6/7/2002 is it true?

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