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Have not received the Thunderbird. Serial # is in the 600's and I received word today from a Ford company rep that it was "released from the plant" with an estimated delivery in North Carolina of 16 August.
My Neiman Marcus car has been released from the plant, and is tentively scheduled for delivery the week of 8-18. I was under the impression that Raleigh dealers were charging $10,000 over MSRP.
I talked with a Wixom Assembly Plant Management employee last night at a cruise night in Novi, Michigan who had a white 2002 'Bird there. He said that the "on hold" status for the 'Birds is for at least the first 2000 vehicles that will be built. Each 'Bird will be driven 25 miles to make sure everything is correct before being released for shipment. I didn't think to ask if the 25 miles will show on the odometers when they are shipped or if the odometers will be discomnnected for the 25 mile drives. He also confirmed to me that they did have some bad leakage problems with the hardtops and had the supplier of the hardtop, Venture Industries, take them all back and Ford people were present when each top was physically destroyed so that they wouldn't make their way back into the marketplace.
For new 2003 colors, he said that it looks like a gunmetal gray will be one and that a special edition in a copper color is being considered. He also commented about the "cheezy" sunvisors and he said there have been lots of complaints about them. The interior supplier, Lear, was given a budget and that is what they came in with. I would expect to see better visors next year for 2003. He also confirmed that the boot will be the "Haartz cloth" type like the top material replacing the cheap-looking pebbly-looking vinyl boot seen on early prototypes runnning around here in the Detroit area. Also, I've been out to the Wixom plant on the last 2 Saturdays and the T-Bird line has been running. Saturday overtime will continue for the 'Birds until they catch up with the orders, I guess. Anyone in the Michigan area who wants to see these cars, get off I-96 at Wixom Road, drive no. to Gate #5 and drive in west to the chain link fence. That appears to be a T-Bird re-work area. You'll see probably 50-60 'Birds all over the lot and being worked on. Very interesting!
Might want to check out an additionall web site for more info. Check message board first and then on the next screen select Thunderbird. Lots of good stuff there!

You mentioned an additional website to check out but didn't give the website address.

That's bad news about the radiators. But then an article in the Detroit papers yesterday, I believe it was, talks about all these price reduction pushes that the car companies have been pressuring the suppliers to accept have resulted in lower quality parts being delivered. Maybe this is another one of those situations!
ordered mine feb 8...first in line,told my car has been built,but not shipped,was told aug 12....but may be as late as sept 3...anyone know what the truth is?..thanks
According to reports from shippers on BON, the average delay from build to delivery is about four weeks. You're lucky your bird has already been built. Production has slowed recently because the paint shop is reported to be operating on half shifts due to layoffs. That could delay daily production considerably as the line slows on the factory floor.
There was a lay off this week at the plant but the paint department ran a skeleton crew to keep the Birds coming into the system. The afternoon shift ran nothing but T Birds wednesday, thursday and friday.

The afternoon shift was suppose to be laid off this coming week but will be working for the sole purpose of running T Birds.

There were some issues in the Paint department that hopefully have been resolved so that the cars can now make it to Trim.
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