Dashboard Noise ?

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New Blackbird

I now have 1200 miles on my can and have begin to notice that there is a creaking noise coming from the dashboard, in the area of the radio and climate control section. It seems like it’s getting noisier and noisier by the mile. Is anyone else having this problem?
I was pretty surprised by how much rigidity is lost with the hardtop off. With it on, I'm fine, but with it off, it sounds like a chipmonk crackhouse is operating behind my center AC vents. It's true, a little pressure seems to alleviate the problem. I may ask the dealer if they can disassemble and maybe put graphite lubricant on the meeting surfaces.
I had the same noises...it was driving me nuts with the top up. I had to take my bird in for replacement of the stereo, and after the re-install, my dash no longer made the creaking sound. Not sure what they did, but graphite sounds like a good fix for plastics parts that make noise when they rub together.
niteflight, I have to say, you always make me laugh the hardest with your hilarious posts. "Chipmunk crackhouse" . . . ha ha ha ha ha!

I actually did have this noise once, gave it a hard slap, and I haven't heard it since.
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