Convertible Top Protection

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Does anyone have information on maintaining the convertible top. I recall a posting about a liquid product on the BON site, but cannot find it. Any information would be appreciated.

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I called 800# yesterday, (1/1) and it said my car was "at the ramp". Talked to dealer this morning and his computor still doesn't show it being their. He said 800# was probably updated automatically? Still waiting . Mira Loma Ca., is distribution point, dealer is Fairview fFord, San Bernardino.
You might be referring to 303 Products. I have tried their cloth top protectant. I put it on about 4 weeks ago and it has been thru numerous washings and several rains and still bead nicely.

Word of caution. It is in a spray bottle and is impossible to spray on the top without the overspray getting on adjoining areas of the car. I highly suggest masking off all areas around the top before spraying. I did not do this and had to go over all those areas with mineral spirits to remove the overspray, this caused no damage and I had not yet waxed the car, I think the mineral spirits would have removed any wax.
Talking about the top, does anyone know anything about a protective clear cover for where the hard top meets with the body. I remember something about this , maybe back on the Bond site. Just wondered if there is any update on this and if so where we can get it.

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