Clock Spring problem what was the solution?

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I was at the dealership last nite to have my chrome 21 spoke wheels put on... (Wow what a difference from the painted wheels).

I mentionned to the dealer that there was a predictable noise "clunk sound/feel" coming from the stering column every time I take the car out and I turn the first corner (does not do it afterwards).

Some of you mentionned something about a clock spring having to do with the airbag harness retactration system having to be changed.

The dealer could not find any reference on this and was questionning if this was really the source of the problem... (He did notice the problem).

would you be nice enough to give me the Dealer Name and phone number where you got the car serviced? This will be a good trail to have my dealer get more background on a problem that has become anoying.


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Not that this helps....but I find this ironic.Seems your T-Birds and my PT Cruisers might have something in common besides retro themes afterall.Niether of mine have had this problem occur....but several PT owners I know of have had clock spring problems.

Chrysler's initial TSB was a complete replacement of the steering column.Now they have refined it with a new TSB that replaces the clock spring alone with a modified version.Seems to be working too.

I've had a "clunk sound/feel" for a month now, and someone told me it might be the clock spring. The dealer said Ford had told them to check the air bag installation, which they did, but that wasn't the problem.
When the clicking got worse, the dealer called Ford, and Ford said to replace the entire steering column. My clicking occurs every time the wheel passes a certain position(25 degrees left of center,maybe?), but it doesn't happen every time, or at least sometimes it is hardly noticeable. But it is bad enough that it would keep the car from selling if it were on a dealer's lot. I hoped it would just disappear, but I got a postcard from the dealer saying the steering column had come in. Boy, do I hate to have something like that done to a brand new $40,000 car--by mechanics who have never been in to a Tbird before. Wish me luck.

(This doesn't sound like your exact problem, Erict, but I'll try to remember to re-post here once it is fixed and I know for certain what it was.)

Re the clock spring - just a thought but we did just switch to Daylight Savings Time, did you forget to reset your clock spring? You might be an hour off.

Try leaving home an hour after yourself and see if that fixes the problem.

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I got my bird back today. They replaced the steering column. It totally eliminated the annoying click, and it also eliminated a little bit of up/down play in the steering wheel when it is all the way out out and tilted full down. The service writer had originally told me that he thought this was probably normal, and it wasn't really very annoying. Now here's something interesting: It is probably just my imagination, but I swear that the steering wheel has a much better "feel" to it than it did before--less road vibration and a better feel, in general. (But maybe it just feels good to get my hands back on that terrific car.)

Anyway, Erict, the Service Writer said he'd be glad to talk with you. His name is Jim Knight and he's a really nice guy. The dealer is McClarty in Texarkana, (903)792-7121. Good luck with your car. Let me hear the outcome.
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