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Chrome hood Bezel replacement

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by yello7530, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. has anyone had any trouble with paint damage installing chrome bezel? Haven't seen a post on this for long time. Remember something about being careful w/hood lining.
  2. yello7530,

    I had the dealer install mine and he did it for no charge, even gave me the chrome bezel for free (cost about $85). There is no evidence of paint damage, you would think it came from the factory with the bezel.

    When Supercrew was posting he said that the foil liner under the sound deading material was needed to prevent radio interference as well as heat insulation and that care must be taken not to damage it.

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  3. Glad this subject came up again. My dealer order me one (at his expense) and has it in his parts dept. He will install it if I tell him to do it. Jodrod, I know you have a black bird and the chrome bezel really looks sharp on a dark color. What are your thoughts on how it would look on a white bird? Comments, positive or negative, from white '02 bird owners, or any color, would be appreciated.

    Thanks (VIN 6621, ETA of 12/17)
  4. I'm not sure on a light color car, it may breakup the lines and not be as noticable as on a black car. I think the black and chrome looks sharp.
  5. Well, I am about to find out. I have the chrome bezel and am going to put it on my white bird when it comes in (a week or two) . I got it because I wanted to enhance the retro look because I have white '56.

    VIN 106587 White, White
  6. BotNew56: We're pretty close to each other -- I'm about an hour from you. Maybe when you get your car we can put them together for a "photo op"!
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  7. DavidA --

    That would be neat.

    VIN 106587 White, White
  8. tampa bird

    tampa bird Supporting Contributor Lifetime Donor

    I live in Tampa,and since you are pleased with you bezel installation,I was wondering if you could give me the name and location of your dealer so I could pay him to install mine. THANKS
  9. I hae a yellow bird that has the chrome bezel, it looks great. Check out the pics on J-Rods data link. There are a couple of pics there of my car.

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  10. tampa bird,

    If you want to drive about 200 miles, OK. I bought my car at Santa Fe Ford in Alachua, about 20 miles north and east of Gainesville.

    I have had four cars from Grant/Carlisle and what is now Autoway Ford in St. Pete and this is where I am going to have my Bird serviced, I would trust them to do the work.
  11. tampa bird

    tampa bird Supporting Contributor Lifetime Donor

    Jodrod,thanks for the info I'll give them a try.
  12. Joe,

    Ohmygod! I didn't know you got your car from Santa Fe Ford! I just ordered mine from Tom Folske at Santa Fe on November 17th. (Remember I'm the one that the original dealership decided to up the price on me). Anyway, Tom told me that I am #3 of 8 today, and that I'm now probably #2 since they already delivered their #1. I can't believe you're their first 'Bird! Still waiting for a VIN, but keeping my fingers crossed for this week. How did they treat you? I did everything VIA fax, so I haven't met anyone from the dealership yet.

    I do have a favor to ask...when I do get my VIN, can you help me estimate when my car will be in production? I'm planning to take a trip to Wixom, and I can't make reservations at a moment's notice to get a decent airfare. I'd love to be able to meet WixomPooh and anyone else from the factory that has been such a help to us all.


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  13. I ordered the chrome bezel a few months ago, but I keep wondering if it will even be visible on my car when it arrives. I ordered a blue one.

    I'm still not sure if I'll install it or not. I'm fussy about chrome; I went out of my way to cancel my premium order and change to a deluxe, just because I liked the way the painted aluminum looked on the blue car.

    TBIRD II - My License Plate
  14. TBIRD II : - -if you decide not to use the chrome bezel, I'd buy it from you. I'm going to get one for my Black Bird!
  15. T02 Bird,

    I was dealing with Dennis Head and it was a very pleasant experience as you can see by my first post here. We have some property about 10 mi. away from the dealership, by the Santa Fe/Itchnetucknee/Suanee Rivers (about 200 mi. north of St. Pete) and made several visits to the dealership during the wait. Every time we were treated graciously.

    It is curious that you are #3/8. When I first ordered in May, I was #6/8 but got lucky [​IMG], the prospect for the #1 cancelled his order and being identical to mine, they offered it to me. If you don't mind, did you pay over MSRP? Makes me think they might be having a hard time moving the Birds up there, they are primarily a truck dealership, lots of big buck horse ranches in the area. Quite a few $35,000 plus F350's on the lot.

    As to the build date, do you have access to my plots on Yahoo? If so, you have the same info as I do, if not let me know and I will advise. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates generated from the data I gather here.
  16. rt2esq

    rt2esq Au Revoir

    I ordered a chrome bezel for my black bird after seeing Jodrod's look on his black bird.

    My local dealer (who I did not buy it from) is handling all service on my bird.

    I will let everyone know what kind of experience they have with the job.

  17. rt2esq

    rt2esq Au Revoir

    Had my chrome bezel put on today by the dealer in Los Angeles. Before I share my chief complaint, here are some pointers for you thinking about it doing it yourself:

    1) Disconnect the antennna cables on both sides of the engine liner before you remove the caps on the liner -- this will ensure you do not break or strain the cables or connections;

    2) Take out the caps by hand so that you can get them out without twisting them or destroying them -- the dealer's mechanic did it very easily and slowly;

    3) When approaching the bezel removal, pinch the clips with needlenose pliers, outsides first, then proceed to the center clips. (There are three clips holding the bezel in place).

    My chief complaint:

    The bezel does not seem to fit as flushly as my original. It appears to rise at the sides and does not seem as snug as the original.

    I've looked at Joe's pics of his chrome bezel and cannot tell whether it rises or not.

    Has anyone else done this and what are your thoughts on the fit?? Is it slightly off or is it simply a case of a chrome piece standing out more than the original color exposing the flaws?

    Please respond. I am considering taking it off or asking Ford to send me out another bezel see whether another part has a better fit.

    TRIPLE BLACK #1049
  18. I picked up my Thunderbird Blue 02 last Friday. I had ordered the chrome bezel months ago, and took it with me. My salesman and I took my car to the dealership's body shop. "J.R." grabbed to old one, pulled it straight out, then broke/bent out the old clips with needle nose pliers, and then installed the new chrome bezel. All of this was done from the outside of the hood. Of course, I had to turn my head while he was doing all this! I personally wouldn't have done it this way, but it worked. The new bezel comes with its own clips, and there are just 3 slots that it fits into.

    Earlier posts were concerned about the chrome bezel on a light colored car. I think it looks perfect on my car, and it's a nice accent on the hood. It looks great with the windshield frame and chrome wheels. A buddy here with a white car is asking Santa for the chrome bezel to put on his car after seeing it on mine. It really makes the car stand out, and those of us with little Birds can appreciate the link back to those cars. I took several pictures to post, but the sun was too bright, and they didn't turn out too well. I'll try again and post them if they turn out. I say, Go For It.
    Hugh in Houston
    I love this car.
  19. Excuse my ignorance, but what chrome bezel are you guys talking about? Just received my yellow bird yesterday...

    Yelllow/Yellow Premium w/ partial interior
    VIN # 6798
  20. 56Birdman, please post those photos as soon as you can. I also ordered the Chrome Bezel and my blue car should be here in about a month.

    I also have some concern about chrome wheels... I guess I'm just fussy. I actually changed my order to Deluxe at first when they told me the wheels would be chrome. I kept thinking about all those photos of the blue car with the silver looking (painted) wheels, and thought that chrome wouldn't look good on blue.

    Since I've finally seen chrome wheels I finally changed my order and ordered these wheels, so the chrome bezel is yet another fear I had... I'm glad you feel it stands out. I was worried for a bit but you made me feel better.


    TBIRD II - My License Plate
    # 9476 - No delivery date yet...

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