car is for midgets

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this car is poorly designed. i wanted to look at one and when i got there, i realized that the only people who could enjoy this car are midgets. im 6 ft 3. yes tall, but not out of sight. yet when the hardtop is on i bump my head just trying to get in. then the top sits right on top of my head. anyone over 6 ft 2 buyint this car would have to be nuts. its totally claustrophic in there. poor design and people will sell them once the novelty wears off. bmw m3 for me.....

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The car is actually the best design from Ford or any auto in a decade. Not since the Dodge Viper has a new car stole the show.

Good luck with your BMW.

BTW Most of the 6'2" guys wouldn't fit in my 1956 Bird either.

M3 is no ICON like the T Bird but a well engineered performance car.

I'm 6' 212lbs of American Firefighter and I fit very well in the new Bird, much better visiblity than my 56 Bird or 73 Volvo.

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One of my customers would dearly LOVE to get into mine, but he's at least 6'6", so all he can do is dream. I guess it'd be impossible to build something like this that would accomodate the tall folks (I'm about 6', 235 lbs, and have no problem at all. One of the midgets, I'm not.
This is a great car (maybe it will someday be ranked among the greatest) but only for shorter people.

Ford really blew it on the headroom.

My '96 Sebring cv had as much headroom as my F150 pickup--maybe more. Chrysler did it by making the seat go all the way down to the floorboard, and it was very comfortable.

Someone on the Ford design team apparently never considered anyone over 6'0" driving the Tbird. My hair hits the roof if I move around very much. (fdcaptain, I believe you when you say you fit in, but I don't know how you do it!)

My local Chevy dealer--that's right, CHEVY--sold a 2002 Tbird off his showroom floor (maybe a first) because the Tbird's driver, who had bought it from a nearby town, was 6'4" and simply couldn't fit in it. He drove the Tbird to the Chevy dealer the same day he bought it and traded it for a big Chevy SUV.

As I said, the 2002 Tbird is truly a great car, among the best the U.S. has ever produced. But Ford's design team really messed up when they made it a car for the altitudinally deprived. How tall was the design team, I wonder?

At 6'2" and 212 lbs. my hair touches the
headliner and I must have the seat all the way down and the back reclined at its deepest level; but it is not uncomfortable. The lack of headroom is more than made up by the incredible performance and style of this car.
Alan64 You have to learn to duck your head when you get in, I'm 6' 3 1/2" so I've been doing it all my life with every car I've ever owned. As to the new Bird with the seat all the way down and almost all the way back and the seat back reclined to the max, I'm not only very comfortable but have at least an inch of headroom. Claustrophobic it's not.

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alan64, I'm 5'3 1/2" and hit my head on the top also til I learned how to enter without the tapping of the top. And, I feel as "snug as a bug in a rug"
P>S> And I'm not a midget. And also good luck with an even smaller looking car.

i didnt mean to get anyone upset. its just that i liked the looks of this car and it was disapointing to find that they did such a poor job on making it at least comfortable for anyone wanting to purchase. anyone telling me that it is ok and if you are 6 ft 2 and over. well, i think you are just rationalizing spending so much on something, that may look nice but is poorly designed. just my opinion,,,,,,
Got over 10,000 miles on it and it still fits fine. Do have to put an extra tight bend in my neck to get in, but once there and the seat is tilted back a bit. I love the fit. The back tilt also solve an earlier concern. My butt got really flat after three hours on the way. I'm 6'1" and 250.
Grandson (17) is 160 and 6'7". It fits him so well he is campaigning for use at the Prom. Haven't relented yet.
It's tight when the wife leaves the seat up and forward. Then I am half in, half out and PO'd.

Let's be realistic. This car was designed as, and is meant to be driven as, a convertible. The porthole hardtop is there for nostalgia and the convertible top is there in case bad weather sneaks up on you and you can't get home into the garage in time.
I only drive mine on nice days with the top down. I can honestly say that I have never bumped my head getting in or out. Oh, and headroom has never been much of an issue either.

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Bagned my head once.... Now I know my head is in the way!

The designers of my chassy never expected a 1963 vintage model to appreciate a 2002 work of art!

My wife is right, both she and the car will have to live with the design flaws of the production done on that unit

My wife's Viper ACR will fit your body very nicely and will even put you in a very cool five-point harness. Problem is trying to get your body INTO the vehicle. Good luck and I hope you don't have any back problems and have a contortionist background.

My brother is 6'3 and your weight and already said he wants first refusal on the Bird even though he doesn't fit cleanly. Go figure.

Triple Black #748
I would think it would be a problem even with
a BMW. I'm 5'8 and getting into the vette
takes a little bending. It has the easy
enter/exit seating. Several members in the
club are tall, I'm going to watch them get
in and out at the next meeting

Maybe if the Bird had the LS easy entry
seating would help some.

?? why trucks and SUV's are so popular.
FDCaptain and all,
I know what you mean about the headroom. I am 6'5" 200# and wouldn't trade my bird for anything. It is uncomfortable with the rag top up, but I wear a cap to keep from putting hair on the fabric and scrunch down a little. With the top down, pure heaven.

Has anyone looked into any type of modification to the seats to make them travel down any further or is Ford going to fix this in the furture.

Many years had a Triumph TR4A that had too much padding in the seats. Traded for seats from a TR4 and the fit was perfect.

My bird will not arrive until June, but I had the opportunity to sit in one today. At 6'3", 235 lbs I was a bit concerned about fit, given the previous posts. Entry was a bit tight, but once inside the driving position was very comfortable.
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