Car Cover Question

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I agree with the calcarcover rec. I got mine there....they have custom made covers for the 2002 T-Bird that cover different storage conditions. They also have the dust removing brush that does not cause any scratches.

I am also wondering about a car cover. Could anyone suggest a specific cover which is very compact when folded, and provides primarily a cover within a carport setting? I already got one cover, but it is very bulky, probably to protect for rain, weather, etc. I visited some of the sites that have been suggested in this forum, but I obviously chose the wrong one! Any advise is appreciated!
Originally posted by ylo brd:
Ordered mine right from the dealer parts department. The price was $219 and the part #2W6Z-19A412-CA
Fits great, easy to put on, has T-bird on front and pockets for mirrors.

I also have this cover and I am very happy with it. It folds up very small compared to some car covers. I don't think it would be suitable for outdoor use but it works great to cover in the garage.
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