Ball joint-suspension change out. 2002 T Bird.

I could not get the ball joint out. I bought new steering knuckles
with new ball joints pre installed.
Edward: I rented a kit from Autozone (shouldn't say rented, s/b "borrowed" as it was no charge) and pressed out and pressed in new one. Nasty job, but with a well secured 6" vice and 2' breaker bar I got it done. Now, all I need to do is get tie rod end loose from splined shaft. Then, I guess I'll look for an alignment shop here in Hollywood Fla. Wish me luck and thanks for all your help. This site is a gift from God. Rob (Likely saved my marriage also, as this is my wife's car)
You got lucky, I thought I was going to fracture the steering knuckle. New one was about $136,
and I was happy with that, as I changed it out pretty quick.