Ball joint-suspension change out. 2002 T Bird.

I could not get the ball joint out. I bought new steering knuckles
with new ball joints pre installed.
Edward: I rented a kit from Autozone (shouldn't say rented, s/b "borrowed" as it was no charge) and pressed out and pressed in new one. Nasty job, but with a well secured 6" vice and 2' breaker bar I got it done. Now, all I need to do is get tie rod end loose from splined shaft. Then, I guess I'll look for an alignment shop here in Hollywood Fla. Wish me luck and thanks for all your help. This site is a gift from God. Rob (Likely saved my marriage also, as this is my wife's car)


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I’m changing most of the parts on my 2002. Did the left side first, and after Kokkari the upper control arm, everything went pretty smooth in the removal and Installation process. Not so good on the passenger side though. The problem is the lower control arm ball joint. When I put the nut on the stud, both the nut, and stud turn. That didn’t happen on the driver side. I was wondering if the stud is supposed to turn on ball joint? There is no room to get a grip on the stud, and it starts to turn before the nut clears the bottom of the stud! Has anyone had that problem or you know of a solution? Help please!