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Auto Insurance for your 02-05 T Bird

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by edward301, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. I went with Hagerty when I bought my 2003 Thunderbird this past October. I insured it for a stated value of $16K, and $100K/$300K liability, full glass, and comprehensive ($500 deductible). It cost me here in NY about $400 for the year. It is insured as a collector car, and can not be used for normal, everyday driving, however, no mileage restrictions. Mainly to be used for occasional cruises, car shows, cruise in's, car club events, parades, etc. I also have used Hagerty for my 1970 El Camino SS for the past 6 years and love their service. Never filed a claim, but they are great from what I hear. I'm happy.
  2. I was at our all Ford holiday party and everyone at my table was talking about JC Taylor Insurance for a good deal.. I need to look into it in a month or two..
  3. Mach5

    Mach5 2004 Merlot Lifetime Donor

    For what it's worth - I had JC Taylor insurance on a 64 Vette I had a while back. I had heard good things about them. Vintage car, limited use, unlimited miles, agreed value coverage. Had to send them several pictures to prove they car was not modified. They were by far the lowest cost that I found at the time. Never had a claim so no experience with the service side of the business.
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  4. I will have to check out JC Taylor in the next couple months.. I think my insurance comes due in March..
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  5. My $241.00 premium is annual. Includes higher liability limits.
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  6. I actually called them this time (before was a online quote) I was honest in that I drive my car 6,000-10,000 miles a year accounting for trips,sunny days and just driving it at least once a week. they wanted me to be under 5,000 mile,s with a few exceptions, to be approved for insurance.I like driving too much for a limit like that
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  7. couture

    couture Active Member Gold Donor

    I have Hagerty on my '02 with agreed value of 25K, Have my '53 F100 Pickup hot rod with agreed value of 30K, my '34 Chevy hot rod with agreed value of 40K. Live in North Georgia rural mountains area, high 800 credit and 50 years excellent driving record. Never a wreck or ticket since started driving , I'm 76 now.
    Less than $800 annually for all 3 collector vehicles . 5000 mi year restriction on each for that rate. Could go with 2500 mile rate for slightly less but use my hot rods a great deal over that restriction so stuck with 5000 miles fpor all 3.
    My new Honda Ridgeline daily driver is with USAA . Nobody could beat USAA on regular daily driver, unfortunately USAA doesn't do collector cars except through another company and Hagerty beat them plus all the other collector car insurance companies when I last checked for rates .

    My 02 is a garage queen with less than 6K original miles on it.
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  8. I use Philadelphia Indemnity which is a spin-off if the old Chubb collectors insurance on my 73 vette with stated values of $18,000. Annual premium is $160.00. Been with them 20 years. Does have limited use and mileage restriction.

    Picking up my first bird, a 2002, this weekend. I’m checking with them today to see if they will cover the bird. Otherwise I’ll look at Hagerty.
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  9. Enjoy your new Tbird.. I’m sure you will enjoy it..
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  10. Thanks. It’s my dad’s car. He is no longer able to drive it, so we are buying the car from him. I’ll formally introduce myself to the forum once I have car in hand.
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  11. I just checked with Grundy at its $190.00 per year. No mileage restriction but can’t be used as a daily driver. As mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve been with them for 20 years with my vette.
  12. I just contacted my agent to see if my car is covered with Hagerty. They said they will have a quote for me tomorrow. So we'll see. Right now I'm paying $850 per year for full coverage, unlimited miles. No way are we going to top 5000 miles per year...
  13. Spoke with my insurance agent, he said when any car is 15 years old it qualifies as a collector car, the low
    miles requirement is why the premium is so low.
  14. Just signed up with Hagerty. For my 2004. $420 per year. 3000 miles, $15,000 no deductible. Just cancelled my other insurance which was $840 per year, $500 deductible. Same liability and injury coverage. The mileage per year might be tight but we'll see.. Great thread!!!! Thanks
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  15. wthigpen

    wthigpen Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I also would like to know. Thanks. Warren
  16. I just got coverage for my 03 TBird for $451.00 from AMICA.

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