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Auto Insurance for your 02-05 T Bird

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by edward301, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. Wondering what most of you are doing for auto insurance. Since it appears the retro birds
    are holding value, if not increasing some, I checked with my insurance agent to see how
    they determine value if something happens to our Birds.

    To make a long story short they go by actual cash value, which most likely means,
    less value than we would hope for.

    Turns out if you do not drive your T Bird much, and mileage is somewhat low, and in
    good condition, you can get a collectors auto policy for less than a regular policy.

    I just got a collectors policy for $20k agreed value, and 3000 miles per year for $241.00, which
    is less than what I was paying for a regular auto policy. Plus we will never drive the car 3000 miles
    per year. Worth looking into. I had to send pictures to get the policy, but most of the cars I have
    seen here are in very good condition.

    You might want to look in this.
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  2. derjimmer

    derjimmer Active Member Lifetime Donor

    What is the name of the company?
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of exactly this recently as I bought a 2002 that's worth about 16,000. I'll be calling my insurance company on Wednesday!
  4. I am paying over $1000 a year with StateFarm and I am 73 with multiple discounts and autos with them for over 35 years and good driving record in Georgia,driving less than 3,000 miles per year with 43,000 miles on T-Bird. I WOULD CERTAINLY LIKE TO KNOW WHO YOUR INSURANCE IS WITH FOR $241 PER YEAR, DEDUCTIBLE, COVERAGE,
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  5. ohrings

    ohrings Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor VIP Donor

    State Farm screwed us for years until I woke up last year. I am the same age with a good driving record and live in a no fault state...Michigan. Our rate was cut in half by Auto Owners Insurance.
    The question is also what company did Edward301 use??
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  6. Thanks OHRINGS, will contact Auto Owners.
  7. ohrings

    ohrings Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor VIP Donor

    I would wait for Edward301 defined out what his insurance is also, especially on the T-Bird. The jury is still out on their pricing on my bird. But our other two cars are homeowners and everything else is cut in half with Auto Owners versus state farm
  8. I'm insured with Hagerty I pay around 300.00 for the year, with an insurance value of 10k
  9. Doesn't some of the insurance rate depend on the size of the city one lives in?
    Plus which state?
    Then thrown into the mix is what other policies one may have with the same insurance carrier, like homeowners, multiple vehicle, deductables, personal liability & yrs. of being a customer. Doesn't all of this have some affect on the rate for a individual?
  10. Policy is with American Modern, $1k deductible. $20k agreed value.

    My other cars are with United Fire.
  11. I am in Austin, Tx, clean driving record. When the T Bird was with my other cars
    the annual rate was $596.00. No mileage limit, but rarely drove.
  12. I'm in Cleveland, $18,000 stated value on our 2005 for just under$250/yr. thru Hagerty. Having a stated value policy makes it a whole lot easier in the event of something bad happening. Let's say someone rear ends you and their insurance wants to total out your car. They won't be able to low ball you, since the value was established in your policy. It really is worth looking into. Hagerty has a fun little valuation tool also.
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  13. Is Hagerty only used for low annual mileage? And / Or collector car status?
    My 05 is my daily driver, with 101,900 accumulated miles .
  14. I think they just adjust the rate based on driving record, location, number of miles per year, and agreed value of the car. I think their website can give an estimate based on your numbers.
  15. PrettyInCashmere

    PrettyInCashmere Custom Cashmere Edition Lifetime Donor

    Have an 05 Cashmere - Living in BC Canada, I called Hagerty Canada (1-888-348-9369), and they do underwrite for the "comprehensive" part of the insurance ... replacing the ICBC comprehensive part of the insurance

    Lucky for me, my agent also is agent for Hagerty

    The guaranteed value is critical in event of write-off to avoid the usual low-ball write-off .. and it gets low miles put on / year

    Canadians (and especially BC), take note ... and thanks for the heads up Edward, and others for comments - will check it out with my agent
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
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  16. I just checked Hagerty with mileage under 10,000 per year@$11,000 value my "online" quote was $332 here in washington state about 350 better than what I pay now. but of course where you live can make a difference and sadly even your credit score can affect insurance prices
  17. JW in Dixie

    JW in Dixie Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Care to tell us who you are insured with? Thx
  18. Edward answered that question in posts 11 & 12
    He is covered by American Modern & he is in Austin, TX
  19. derjimmer

    derjimmer Active Member Lifetime Donor

  20. What he didn't say but implied is that his cost is $241.00 annually, could be semi- annually?????

    I pay that same amount, $241.& some cents twice a year, but that is their standard rate with additional discounts for a 2nd vehicle & homeowners insurance.

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