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Was just curious as to how many people on this Forum intend on participating in the Thunder on 66 cruise. Completely, partially, or just the MidPoint Show N Shine. Would be nice to see the list of people participating in one form or another on just one thread.

I'll start. My wife and I intend on participating at the MidPoint Show N Shine, returning with the group to Amarillo Saturday night and then traveling Sunday to Albuquerque with the group. We'll attend the party in Albuquerque Sunday night and then Monday morning break away from the group and drive back to Amarillo.

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chryslerTCnut & I will be participating in the middle - the Oklahoma/Texas leg weekend.
hoping to catch up with the group in Weather ford and be there for the mid-point Show & Shine and then Amarillo for Saturday night. We will travel part of the way to Albuquerque the next day before breaking away to head home.

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I'll be driving from Chicago to LA, thanks to being included in the early signup list. Thought I'd missed the registration. I'm also planning a pre-Thunder cruise around Michigan to meet some of the Great Lake region birders. Thanks, Tony!
My wife can't get away from work for yet another week, so my daughter and I will drive out to Arizona, stay over in Williams 2 nights, tour the Grand Canyon with the group, then head back home to Californy! If we stay over around Kingman, AZ Sunday night, I should be in driving shape to meet up with the group around Winslow for some driving on Monday. If we come straight through on Monday, will just meet at the hotel in Williams, though. (Daughter's only 12, so won't be much help with the driving!) Thought we might also head to the **** National Convention - it has been awhile since I have seen many Thunderbirds together and the Thunder on 66 may just whet my appetite! Wife may come down for the weekend to tour the Queen Mary and do some of the other sightseeing in Southern CA. Then we'll head up the San Joaquin Valley to home.

Looking forward to it all - finally got my air conditioning fixed - phew!!

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Will be traveling from home to Chicago and then go all the way. Looking for other birders to create a caravan from Buffalo.
planning to go the whole route!

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Going from Chicago to Texas. Then visiting family for a day and heading home. Wife is a teacher, and must be home on 22nd for meetings.

Really wanted to do the whole trip, but timing was not right for that.

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we also plan on going from Chicago to L A.
more than 2000 miles all the way (might be start of song) we are working on trip to Chicago now. have never been in that part of country. Will probably go north thru Mt.Rushmore, etc., All suggestions appreciated. Sounds like a few from Ca. will be making trip. Should be fun.

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We will be joining you in Joplin Mo and traveling all the way to the Grand Canyon and then back home to Des Moines. My wife finally gets to see the Grand Canyon and after 24 years of marriage she will get her wish.
My wife an I are planning on making the whole trip. My biggest problem is how to scale down on my packing as I always pack for every contingency.
PS-Monday it was 91 here in MPLS, today it is snowing. Good thing I drome the T-Bird yesterday!
The wife and I will be joining in Amarillo and continuing on to the end in CA. After that we will be taking a cruise thru the canyonlands and Rockies, maybe as far north as Mt. Rushmore. It is going to be a 26 day drive and bunches of miles in/on the Bird.

Packing is going to be a trick for that long of a trip. Really hope the soft boot is available by then, that many miles with the top down will definately dirty up the inside of the top without a cover.
My partner and I will be doing the whole trip. And then explore some of California and what ever looks exciting, and mayb visiting relatives.
I agree packing will be a real magic trick. Can't wait.
Due to my folks 50th wedding anniversary celebration falling right smack in the middle of the run through Oklahoma, I hoping that my wife and I will be able to meet up with folks on the evening you stay in Joplin, MO. We'll have to return home that evening so we can leave the next morning to go to Southwest Oklahoma for the big anniversary. We'll have enough stuff to haul that we'll have to get the truck or a 4 door car at least to make the trip down there.

It's a bummer, because I would have loved to gone to at least Adrian, Tx with the group. I went to college in Weatherford, OK so that would have been like going home, too. Hope everyone has a great time getting their kicks on Route 66 and we do get to at least meet a few folks in Joplin.


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Daugher is planning wedding on the 16th in Ft. Smith--Friday night. But a friend and his wife with a 2002 Vette and another friend of mine plans to come with me to make the show and shine in Adrien. Will plan to come to Amarillo the night before. What night will it be in Amarillo?

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Amarillo to Grand Canyon. This will be one of the best drives of my life.
I have traveled some of the Mother Road but doing her with other TBirds WOW!
A retired Navy Seal leading and my RN wife and a 27 year Firefighter should ease your minds on the path ahead.
If we have 2 vans from Ford great. If not we will not leave anyone behind or stranded, rules of the road 101.
I can't wait for mid-August!

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fdnmbird - which car are you driving?

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