Are You Addicted!!!

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I have to confess I check out the site at least 3 times a day looking for more infomation on when to expect my T-Bird

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HI All

Even though I have left Wixom, I still read the board daily

I don't know if I would say that I am obsessed- but sure do miss being able to help out everyone

Just wanted to let you all know that I still care and still check in daily to see what is going on.


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Sure can't let him have the better one :)
Originally posted by Gobird:
Dot,you'll get yours. Soon we hope. We are all sick and tired of all the complaining you are doing about not having your Bird.
I have a '57 to enjoy. What is there to complain about!

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I check daily and when I have been out of contact for a few days, it takes a while to view all the good information I missed.

Dot--Hope you were not effected by the tornado!!! let us know.

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Obsessed? I would say so. My wife too!
We try to view this forum every day, sometimes more. During the workweek, I view it at noon at work, and then in the evening at home. I can't get enough! We have learned so much about our new T-Bird that we are even telling the local dealers about the forum and how to get on it for more information. This Forum is the best thing sliced bread!

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I am on vacation, it's 2 AM...and I'm on-line checking out this forum to see what's going on...using the hotel TV internet connection to do so...

This year my goal is to be 28.65% less obsessive.

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I have both the work computer and home computer set with the forum as the home page for my browser (Netscape). Fortunately the wife likes IE so it does not take her here, she already knows I am obsessed, and I would never hear the end of it.

At work the forum is always in the background so all I have to do is click on the task bar and reload the page to get the latest and this happens, oh, about a gazillion time a day.

All in all I would have to say "Nah, not me".
WixomPooh, We missed you. Glad you are still with us. STOP LURKING and join us. Yes, I am addicted, first thing I do in the morning before coffee. Now that's addiction.
Put it this way, I am supposed to be at work at 8:00 am. I am still home reading this

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Originally posted by RTBRD: posted @04-18-2002 05:53 AM
I have both the work computer and home computer.........

Do you have a rooster? 'nuf said.
Obsessed? It's about 18 hours after the first post to this topic that I finally got a chance to read it. So maybe the answer is no.

To T02 Bird - I don't think that you're technically OCD unless you are continually washing your hands in the car too.
Since Dot hasn't answered you about the tornado that was in the area, I guess I will. It was about 8 miles southeast of us. We have a good friend that lives in the area that it went through (within a mile or two) and she had no damage. At our house we got a little wind and a few rain drops but thats all. I think I'll have to build a solid steel building for the '57 and the '02 T-Birds.
George (Dot's room mate)
Addicted. Yes. I hope all are as happy with their bird as I am with mine. I read this forum all the time and cant wait to get on the New Site, but I need an invite.
I'm not addicted. I've been out of town for a weeeeeeek so I havvvvvvven't beeeeen ablllle to catcccccch upppp onnn the latttttest newwwwwssss. Buttttt I''''m nottt adddddicted.

P.S. Don't Bogart that site my friend, pass it over to me. (apoligies to "Easy Rider")

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