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Are all convertible Boots black in 02-05

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Pdscars, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. were all convertible boots black 2002/2005
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  2. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Next time you post, use a better title than "Boots". I Revised it for you. Also, include the model year(s).
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  3. No. I believe there was a sand package and a cashmere.
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  4. The 04 PCR has a special color that was only for the PCR , called Ash. Very pretty.
  5. My soft metallic blue 2005 (see avatar) has sand accent package including sand colored tonneau that covers sand colored soft top with sand colored seats and a dark metallic finished center console
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  6. Skizix Savage

    Skizix Savage Mountain Shadow Gray Metallic Over Bright Tan Lifetime Donor

    As I understand it, the “BOOT” was only offered as a cost-optional accessory. Ask various owners and you will find that this accessory is increasingly rare.

    In the 2002 model-year, the boot that fit all deck snaps, was a bi-fold item. It seems to be reinforced by a thin Masonite board-like interior. In my view, it is clumsy at best.

    In subsequent model-years [2003-2005] the boot offered by Ford was a softer, upholdered piece that also snaps to all existing deck snaps. It appears to have a 5/8” thick inner layer made of upholstery foam.

    This latter boot easily folds four times so as to stow away and fit inside the cubbyhole in the foreword part of the trunk. This softer boot is far-superior to any alternatives (my opinion).

    Without a boot when the top is down, what shows to the sun mostly only the car’s inner headliner which isn’t too serious considering what few days are suitably sunny, given the varying weather on this planet.

    When snapped in place, this newer boot fills out in convex curves an implied, larger top & its mechanism, as it used to be in older cars (see the Volkswagen Cabriolet!). The resulting look is dramatically nicer!

    Previously, I had purchased an after-market, thin, flat, flimsy, shiny vinyl with fake leather texture. That frustrating hard-to-install facsimile does fit the foreword snaps but its long tear side is supposed to be held down by the trunk lid(!). It has a weird cutout to avoid the rear, third brake light. I will gladly sell this piece of s__t to anyone with a crisp 20 dollar note + shipping.

    Another route one may take is to borrow a “good one” from another owner. Contact and make a deal with the BEST car upholstery shop in your town so that he can build for you another “real” one.

    The upper surface of this new boot should be executed in (black?) canvas to match the car’s top. This most durable fabric is SUNBRELLA-brand which I found in Florida. Local retailers in fine garden furniture will give you 2” sq samples so that you are SURE that it matches.

    Am I accurate? Does this help anyone?


    (This example is NOT shown to illustrate a possible “wind breaker.”)


    Happily, this is MY ‘Bird in situ with its new boot, generously sold to me by another T-Bird Club member!
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  8. I'll take the weird boot for $20 +shipping to 44406.

    @coat1971 or 330.559.6690
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  9. Skizix Savage

    Skizix Savage Mountain Shadow Gray Metallic Over Bright Tan Lifetime Donor

    You were warned! Please text me for address and finalizing arrangements: 512-584-6070
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  13. example of taking yours to a upholstery shop, Don't think you can see well but it has two embossed T-Bird panels like the one in the seat top IMG_0332.JPG
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  14. Skizix Savage

    Skizix Savage Mountain Shadow Gray Metallic Over Bright Tan Lifetime Donor

    Gad Zooks! That’s gorgeous.
    What did it CO$T you??
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  15. 1.)Byron the check is in the mail.

    2.)Cost --had the original boot covered- Material (2003 saddle-$90)-- Two panels with embossed T-Bird -$120 (Thunderbird Specialties has them now at $299 EACH)-cost to have covered $200.

    So about $400 plus the cost of the original boot.

    Only those with either 2003 Grey or Black and saddle interior might be interested. I have a request in this site for the hard flat tonneau which will make this available. Make me a "Fair" offer and it probably won't be refused.

    Attached Files:

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  16. Thanks will keep that in mind for future
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  17. ChuckH262

    ChuckH262 Well-Known Member Gold Donor


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