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Nov 29, 2001
Got home from work today to find a message on the answering machine. Lo and behold it was from my dealer telling me that he finally has a VIN # for me. Well if you don't think that was a great way to end the work week then your on something. I have waited and waited and waited for this day. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think it's the headlights on my shiny new blue Bird. I have rejoiced with all my friends on this site as they got their VIN's and then at last thier Birds. To those of you who already have your Birds, I'll soon be among you. To my friends in the Metro Atlanta Tbird group, there will be a blue Bird in the N. Ga. Rally. To joelga and flybird and all you other folks out there who don't have your VIN yet, I hope you get that wonderful call from your dealer with the happy news VERY SOON. To Wixom Pooh, SuperCrew, and any other folks at Wixom who are on this site, I would like to THANK YOU in advance for building the GREATEST car on the American (or any) road. Am I happy? You darn Skippy I'm happy. And last of all to jodrod, my wife and I hope to bring home our blue bundle of joy with a blue hardtop, premium wheels, black interior, with traction control and a VIN # of 1FAHP60A72Y114565.

Now, where did I put that list of accessories I wanted to buy?

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Congratulations! I remember that feeling well, because it was so recently that I got my own VIN. And now I'm driving - so I can tell you that you are indeed very close to the end of that tunnel.
Well, bless your heart, Marty. I think that the day I got my VIN was even better for me than the day I found out my car had arrived. When I got that VIN, everything transformed from hope to reality, and I was so happy that it felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. GOOD FOR YOU!
Congratulations TBirdMarty. I've read and ejoyed your posts for a long time now and you are finally about to enjoy the greatest car on earth.

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Congrats, TBirdMarty!!!!!

I still don't have my VIN...but should be getting it any day.

Gosh I sure hope I have my car for the GA. Road Rally.

TbirdMarty, congrats, BUT, that light you see after getting your vin. seems forever to get to the other end of that tunnel. The time really drags and drags and drags. Some day soon you'll be looking at those headlights face to face.

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That's GREAAAATE NEWS. Glad your long wait is finally coming to closure and happiness on the road awaits you.

We certainly look forward to having you with us on the Georgia Road rally in May.
darn right we're happy you got your VIN TBirdMarty!! And darn right, joelja and I are ready to get our VIN's now too!! Congrats man...it's going to be a GREAT road rally!

White/White premium; full red accent interior; no VIN yet

Sorry about not giving you the full details earlier. The interior is standard, I don't care for the glossy steering wheel and shifter knob and the blue leather was more than I could take. If Ford had offerd a white insert like in the old 56' Birds i would have gone with that for sure. Thanks also for the info on the build week. I plan on keeping it a secret from the wife and somehow surprising her with it. One of us is enough having to endure the wait now that we know our Bird has been conceived. Sorry to be late in responding but me and my son were working all day fixing a place in my shop to park my 66' Bird. Now that we have a new edition on the way it will get one of the priority slots in the garage, or I guess I could park it outside under one of the hickory trees. NOT!!!

joelga and flybird;
I am pulling for you guys. Let us know as soon as your blessed day comes. And once again, thanks to all on this site. You're a great bunch of folks.

Also Friday was a great day for us NASCAR fans cause Awesome Bill got the poll. If he can pull of a win it will be a very, very good weekend.

Courage - and shuffle the cards

Life does have it's priorities (making a nest for the Bird). I agree with you on the interior, but I do like the accent package, if white inserts were offered I would have opted for them.
I remember the excitement that you must be going through right now... it's almost like expecting a new child to be born and brought home. You're preparing the "room" for the new "baby" now, but one day soon you'll get that important phone call that your "baby" has arrived!

Glad to hear your news... see you with it at the road rally, if not sooner!
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