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Well , to start with I would like to Thank EVERYONE on this board. This has been a lot better then the Ford Manage the Wait program. We seem to be a very big and close family here and as familys go they don't always get along or have the same point of view. This is what has made this so interesting and informative. First off, I would like to Thank Pooh and all of her fellow workers at the Wixom Plant for keeping us straight and informed on what is going on. Second I would like to give a great BIG thanks to JODROD for all the work he has put into the Yahoo site. I don't know where he finds the time. And last but not least everyone on this site and the old Bon site for contributing SO much information to all of us. I feel we have all learned a lot here, from hard top hoists to T-Bird wings for our port holes to painting our center hubs. The list goes on and on.
Most of all I would like to thank Tbird for setting this all up for us. Our own 02 TBIRD site.
Seems we are growing daily and hopefully we will continue to grow and stay together for a long time. I can see us now talking about the 50th anniversary edition a few years down the line and saying ( DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN) At least for us old timers!!
And I can't leave out GW, for all the joy and comedy he has brought all of us.
Once agin, THANKS TO ALL , and may we still be here for a long time.

PS, Hope to have a face to face with some of you some day!!
SORRY DOT, I didn't forget you and thanks a bunch but there are SO many people to thank, I probably forgot someone and I apologize if I did.
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I agree with everything that Gobird says! I would prefer to follow all of the news that I get from everyone here, rather than what news I read about in the newspapers these days! This forum really is a wonderful family of friends!
I completely agree with Gobird. I have learned more about the 02 Thunderbird on this board than any Ford Dealer Pricipal, or Sales Manager will ever know. I have now personally met 3 people from this board and spoke with two over the phone. They are all great people as I'm sure all the rest are also. We are all held together by one single bond and we have Ford Motor Company and the people at Wixom to thank for that.
I hope to met many more this summer at the Thunder on 66 party in Adrian, Texas.

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I agree, Gobird, everyone on this board should be thanked as we have all contributed to our "wait" in some way. Reading this board is a big part of my daily routine. Love the threads that just "make my day" such as Pbocciardi's and "let the Stories begin" or watching the VIN#s creep up on jodrod's threads or reading about someone getting their new 'bird. btw - my dealer got a new vin last night - 12628 - we are now more than half way thru the vin#s! (just wish my dealer was). At least I'll get to meet some more of you on the Thunder on 66 this summer.

Same here-but sad news on this end-I decided last week to sell off most of my collection of Thunderbirds-will be keeping my 93, and the matched pair of 66s I inherited from Kris and her father. The rest have flown to new owners-the 55 brought close to 60K, and the rest of the sales put my capital gains earnings at slightly over 250K-IRS will love that-and the reason for that is because my wife and I have decided to purchase a 2003 SVT Cobra, a 2005 Thunderbird, and hopefully we will be ordering one of the first GT-40s to hit the street.

I have always been a Ford man-and always will be.

Looking forward to meeting everyone during Thunder-going to be a great time!

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Shame the GT-40 won't be here in time for Thunder. I have been a Mustang guy since '82, this is the first time I have not owned a GT since then. At first I missed it (them) but the Bird got me over that fast.
Gobird, thank you for reminding all of us how lucky we are to have a community like this. As Lon said, I have learned an incredible amount from this board, and I think it alone preserved my sanity during my long wait for my car. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to share your talents and information with the rest of us.

Thanks! I believe that I got special treatment from my dealer because of the knowledge that I obtained from this newsgroup. My wife calls this forum, "my groupie friends". While I was waiting for my car, I couldn't wait to get on line and see what the news of the day was. I thought that would die down once I got my car, but it hasn't.

GoBird -- I look forwarding to our Spring Ride...perhaps cruising the hour and a half up to York (home of the York barbell man and weightlifting hall of fame) to go for a cruise in our BlueBirds.

Talk with you later,
Tommy TBird Blue
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