A/C Issue

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I have noticed something with my bird (6 weeks old) and wondered if any of you have experienced the same thing. It seems that the A/C runs very well when the car is moving, but when I stop at a light or for any longer period of time, it doesn't cool very well. The fan still blows like normal, but the temperature increases. My "mechanic" who works on all my other vehicles noticed it too and said it wasn't normal, suggesting I take it back to the dealership to have it looked at.

I called someone at the dealership, and he simply suggested using the "recirculated air" button. I am not opposed to doing that, but I have never had to do this with any other vehicle in order to keep the A/C cool.

Any advice or similar experiences???

Red/Red Premium 02 Bird w/full accent
2001 Ford Cobra
1997 Chevy Blazer (for the dogs)
Think you might have a problem. Of all my complaints on the T Bird the A/C isn't one of them . Mine stays cool all the time (and we've been having a VERY hot summer)
Jim L
I just noticed at the Credit Union, one of the review books with a picture of a Thunderbird on the outside had one of the Cons listed as the climate control system.
My T-bird is 7 weeks young and I don't have the cooling problem described, which is good because I live in the #2 worst congested area in the U.S. (#1 is LA) and thus I have to stop alot.

I think the climate control is pretty good but the controls are funky... for example, I just turn on the fan to blow some air around and the "Auto" and "AC" lamps light up and I get some cold yet unrequested AC. I'll get out the manual one of these days to see if I'm doing something wrong, but IMO the controls are not intuitive enough.
thaser, I have the same problem with "unrequested" A/C when I set the controls to "Auto" and a specific temperature in order to HEAT up the car, not cool it. I was thinking that maybe the A/C comes on along with warm hair, or some such oddity, but basically the whole thing baffles me.
The AC always comes on in auto mode, it reduces fogging, you can press the AC button to force it to turn off. Warm hair, that's really odd, mine's never done that.

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