2003 Noninvasive Bluetooth and streaming

Assuming every thing is connected correctly, FM station selected on device & radio, Bluetooth connected to phone. What happens if a call comes in and you happen to be listening to the radio. How does the device handle the call. Does it somehow connect the call to the selected station and "override" whatever you were doing? Thanks in advance for any info. Sure sounds like something I would like to add to my Bird.
No. Not that complex. There's a limit to what you can do for $25. So. You have to choose, radio/CD and handle your phone. Or. Streaming music on the blank station and hands free phone
Hey Audiophiles, how would you rate the sound from a device like this vs. your Bluetooth equipped vehicles streaming from Pandora or Spotify? Would a more expensive unit have better sound? What would I look for in the details of the product to get best quality sound. I miss my Pandora!!! Whaaa!
About same as a CD. Occasionally a crackle from overhead lines or fm static but not really noticed or objectionable.

I am more than pleased to have the utility while maintaining the car fully stock. Lots risk with moving 17 year old plastic and wiring. I consider it best not to if a 90% solution like this is available.
Had mine for a couple weeks. Streaming sounds pretty darn good. Hands off phone capability really nice and keeps the Bird stock. Pretty good value for the price in my humble opinion.


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Regarding static

Maybe you already checked this...
The volume on the device paired to the FM transmitter should constantly be at max (at least according to the manual for my FM transmitter Nulaxy KM24)
Then the volume through the speakers should be adjusted on the cars stereo.
Otherwise it is easy to hear static.