2003-2005 Aluminum Tank Radiator Install

Mar 11, 2022
Thunderbird Year
Seeing posts where owners are installing and recommending 'all aluminum radiators' for these cars. They like the factory Jaguar units but seeing they also have plastic tanks on lookups. Makes sense as I tend to change out old Rads especially 10 year old plastic tank setups. yes, plastic is common and it does work for several years. But cost and material quality is questionable on a $75 average replacement. A solid alum. rad with welded tanks is basically insurance against failure not a Ricky Racer item. Easy to find for BMWs, Miatas, Hondas, Toyotas, but T-Birds? Not so much.

I've not gone deep with the few true aluminum rads I've spotted as some seem universal which is a known universal pain. Anyone land and install a full aluminum? Below example is claimed to fit our cars and Jags from the era. These are about $250 and look like what I'm talking about.

Note: Those about to post you have a 20 year old plastic tank radiator which works fine and you intend to run it another 20 years... Got Ya!
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