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2002 TBird Rubber Mounts?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by U5512, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. I am wondering where I can get new rubber mounts for my 2002 TBird. I circled the rubber mounts in "red" in the picture below. Thanks.

    Attached Files:

  2. I would be interested in that also, but in my case in particular, the black plastic rivets that cover the cabin filter cowling and the V8 plastic trim that is in the center of this photo... I would love to buy a couple dozen to keep on hand.. Is that being a hoarder? :) The heat from the engine compartment and age of these parts they just break as you "use" them to change the cabin filters or to take off this center trim.. I look on line but to no avail...
  3. Thanks u5512, I should be able to find something in there... My problem is my OCD kicks in and I try to find the exact match... The one that the T-bird has are a push the center button in to release the rivet.. Most of these are pull center button to release the rivet.. Unless I am not supposed to push it in but rather pull the button out.. Maybe that's why they seem to break. I saw the "push in" in a u-tube video on how to replace the cabin filter...
  4. Wow, you are good! I will be ordering a dozen or two today! Did you ever find the rubber plugs? My next step was to go to the ford dealer and have them look up the part # on my push rivets.. I know the cost would of been about 8-10 for two I bet, if they could still get them. When I first got my bird about 5 months ago, the remote side mirror switch was intermittent.. I saw the switch on line for $ 24 or ford had it for about $50.. I couldn't tell if it was the exact same switch from the same manufacturer.. So I bit the bullet and went with Ford.. Again my OCD kicked in and it was a new car to me... The switch went in with no issues in less then a minute.. Ford wanted $45 to install it.. Found the video on YouTube.. I figured if ford was charging 1/2 hour to install, it can't be that bad..

    Thanks again u5512.. Wouldn't be bitter but great to find a wrecked t- bird at your neighborhood pick n' pull...
  5. Steve,

    I will ordering a few of those cowl and engine retainers as well to have them on hand. I haven't actively searching for the rubber mounts, but I am sure I will eventually find them. You typically will not find a normal wrecked yard with retro Birds, but only specialized TBird wrecked yards that will have them. But these yards won't let you come in and pick parts, they only sell whatever is left and available and they aren't cheap either (well less expensive than the Ford Stealerships for sure!!!).
  6. Just so you know, you can still order these as well as the ones that hold the engine cover in place from Ford. I have ordered both via Ford Parts Direct and pick them up at my local Ford dealer.
  8. I just ordered 12 of them from fordpartsgiant.com.. No that I have a part # there was a bunch also on ebay.. I had a feeling abut the pick and pulls junk yards.. It would be way to easy.. Thanks for the Part # U5512, that was great! Last time I was looking for the remote mirror switch I went to the Ford Dealer and got the part actual part #.. Then I searched the internet..
  9. That's good to hear also.. I know that the back coil spring are discontinued so I spent an hour or so on the internet looking to see if they could be found elsewhere.. I had no luck.. I don't need them now BUT it was an educational experience..
  10. I ordered a bunch from fordpartsgiant.com as well, but I STUPIDLYo_O forgot to search for the same part number on eBay because you can get 20 of them retainers for $4.39:eek::eek::eek:. Lesson learned.....always search eBay before buying!!!
  11. Yupper, I did the same thing after I ordered the ones from fordpartsgiant .. I saw them at 1/8 of the price on e-bay.. I rationalized it "well it's for our baby".. and the e-bay ones were probably used.. (not) I think the shipping and Handling $9 was as much as the part on e-bay but... I did get a hardtop adjusting wrench from e-bay.. Mine was missing when I bought the car on February.. I think it was about $25 on e-bay for the T40 wrench with handle.. No T-bird emblem though.. It is black..

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