2002 T-Bird 3rd brake light bulb replacement

The manual covers removing the entire "high mounted" stoplight ass'y; it doesn't discuss changing the bulb inside...maybe the whole ass'y is replaced. If I ever dig into it I'll try to put an LED light in there for long life, but mine's working for now.
There is an LED light already in a 2005. The 2002 shows an incandescent bulb. Not sure if 2003-4 have LEDs also. The 2005 on may be a direct replacement for the 2002 CMSL.
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How do you access the bulbs to replace them on the high mounted 3rd brake light on an 'o2 Bird?
Good to know - thanks....
I won't convert mine unless it goes out; I've had enough of the car apart with the backup camera install, FEM swap and instrument cluster repair. Ugh!

completely non-serviceable......must replace whole unit