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2002 Pcm re-programed

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Threebird, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. My bird was reprogrammed...I've looked on line...I can't find anyone or anything that tells me WHAT it was reprogrammed too. It doesn't make a big difference...but if anyone knows what the code means...please let me know. Thx Threebird

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  2. The 02 Torch red Bird I recently bought has that same sticker attached
    under the hood, did not know what it meant. Does not run any different
    than the 02 White Bird I have had since new.

    Both cars run the same, make the same noises, and shift the same, etc.
  3. Thanx... what's the vin on your birds...I'm trying to find other people that have one of the first 203 built...my vin ends with 100327...and its one of 60 black birds made...of the first 203 Threebird

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  4. Thanx...what's The last 6 of your vin Mine's 100327 and I was told it's one of the first 203 retro birds built...I'm trying to find others...I'd like to know how many of them still exist. Threebird

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  5. I have a torch red 2002 vin# 1fahp60a92y115829. Can you tell me how rare it is?
  6. Quick draw has all that information...that's how I got ALL my info...Threebird

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