2002 OEM convertable top tonneau cover

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I just sold my 2002 T-Bird and I still have the one convertible top tonneau cover that I had for the car.
It is in as new condition and will sell it for $250. Not sure what shipping will cost?
I will get pictures if anyone interested.
How has this Tonneau worked for you? I took my 2002 TBird to an Upholstery shop and he pointed out all the reasons one wouldn't work. Rubbing on metal, etc. I dearly wanted one, but gave up the idea after he pointed out these issues. Do you have photos?
I, too, am interested in the black Tono cover And also your answers to victory about the workability of the Tonneau cover you have. Thank you!
If it is Black, I will be happy to buy it at your asking price. I have been loking for one of these since I bought my 03 six months ago. I will send you a private message with my phone number.
Sure. It's black? Good condition? Did you use a cover and loved it? Could you send pictures? Do you still have it? I'm really interested. I've looked for over a year and can't find one.
I decided not to buy this cover because it is too nice. Apparently the 02 is padded and stiff. It can not be folded but people have had success "curling" it in order to fit it in the trunk. Jack called me from the UPS store to inform me that shipping would exceede $100 to send it from Florida to Texas. I hope that one of you want this cover. It appears to be like new. I just don't want to deal with storage for it. I will continue to look for the 03-05 that folds up like an accordion.
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