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We just exchanged gifts at the office and I got the 2002 T-Bird calendar as a gift. Imagine my surprise when I turned to May only to see mike biddle's '57 on display!

Beautiful Dot.

Maybe you new 'bird will be in the 2003 calendar?

Happy Holidays,


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I doubt it. Browntrout is already gearing up for the 2003 calendar and we won't have our new car in time to get any good pictures of it. They are planning a calendar with some 2002 Thunderbirds in it this time but I don't know where the photos will be coming from - possibly professional this time.

btw - hobobob's 55 is the January car in that calendar you just got. He's already taken delivery of his twin to our 2002 car.
If you think Dots car was beautiful then, you ought to see it now. It has a beautiful darker green softop that really sets it off! I'm the guy Dot mentions with the fairlane 55 that is the January car.

Cool car Bob! Did it come to you that way? I've never seen a Fairlane bird except for the pre-production pictures I've seen in the book Thunderbird! Absolutely gorgeous! Are there any others like it around? I would think not.

I'll be looking at it all next month, as I have the calendar sitting right here by my monitor at work.

Take care, and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the compliment! I saw a red 55 w/fairlane stripes at the national in Williamsburg, VA in 1991. I think Amos Minter has a black 55 w/fairlane stripes but I have never seen it. Mine did not come that way. I bought stainless trim for various 55's out of Hemmings and a fellow in Portland Oregon spent two months cutting, welding and fitting the trim. All he had for a pattern was a colored full page ad from Colliers magazine, dated October, 1954. WE have driven it over 50,000 miles since restoration in 1991. Happy Holidays!
If I dig thru my photos I should be able to come up with the red one, hobobob's and Amos Minter's. Will post them on the newtbirddata site - but give me a couple of days! - have to finish a quilt by tomorrow night.
As promised, I've loaded some pictures of fairlane 55 t-birds in the newtbirddata photo files Apparently I didn't get one of the Minter's like I thought I did last February but I did load 2 pics of hobobobs and 1 of a red fairlane. file is named fairlane 55 t-birds

The Fairlane Thunderbird was made in very limited quantity-no one knows for sure how many were actually produced that way.

A gentleman here in Cedar Rapids has a black 55 with the fairlane trim-came from the factory that way-and the car has 11,800 original miles on it-he bought it new.

The two cars pictured are customized. They did not come from the factory that way. The Minter's car (not pictured but is black) is also a custom job.

I've never run into any that were from the factory with Fairlane stripes and the only known actual picture of one - from 54 or 55(actual date of picture is also unknown), belonged to a Ford executive and it's whereabouts are unknown to Ford. It was black and also had the Fairlane headlight bucket trim and an extended contintental kit, both of which are considered non original for 55 Concours judging. The Fairlane stripes are also considered non-original.

I do know that this was a serious topic of discussion in back in the 60's & 70's when judging rules & authenticity were being settled and those were the decisions made.
Customizing was very popular on these 'birds in the 50s and the 60s and we do know that some people liked the idea of Fairlane stripes on their 'birds. Hobobob had his car done in the late 80's - he likes something different. His car has won numerous popular choice awards.

Ford scraped the idea before actual production started but ads exist because magazines set up their monthly issues at least a month before actual delivery of magazine - and you know that magazines always appear a month ahead of time. The only ads with Fairlane stripes appeared in the October issues which would have been all set by July or early August. These are the ads that fuel the controversy about the stripes. The first 'birds through the production line went thru in early September. The decision for no stripes was made in August.

Dot did a great job, as she always does, explaining the advent of the fairlane stripes on the 55 T-Bird. The first National I took it to was in Williamsburg Virginia. It so happened that Mr Frank Hershey who was chief designer for the Thunderbird, was also there. I had a great chance to talk to him about the fairlane stripes. He told me that a vice president of Ford was the one pushing for the stripes, mostly because he had a brother-in-law who was going to produce them for Ford. He, Mr. Hershey, overruled the vice-president because he didn't think they looked right on the T-Bird. Needless to say, he is about the only person who has ever seen our car, who didn't like it and he told me so! There was also a brochure put out on the fairlane car exactly like the regular brochure, only every picture showed it with failane stripes. The factory recalled all of those brochures, however one person sneaked one out in his lunch pail. Ford Johnson who is the patriarch of our Thunderbird club, knew about this brochure and told me who this fellow was and that I should contact him. So I wrote to him and asked him if he would send me a colored copy of the brochure, which he did. I think it helped that I sent him a box of Washington Red Delicious apples along with the request. Mr Hershey told me that the three cars pictured in the magazine advertisements were only prototypes and were destroyed. I was not aware of an original ever made except for the one Dot speaks of, which was owned by a vice president. Maybe it was the same V.P. who had pushed for the fairlane stipes, I don't know. The car always attracts a lot of comments at Thunderbird shows. However, I always say "if 99 out of the 100 Thunderbirds here at the show had fairlane stripes and only one had hashmarks, it would be the popular one."
hobobobob it looks great, but it IS different. That's about all I can say about it. This is your car and you do with it as you please. But personally I fell the Bird looked just fine the way it was. Just my point of view on this. Like I said, it looks great but looks too much like an old 57 ford.

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Since I didn't have a photo of Amos Minter's black Fairlane 55, I checked out his website and low and behold, there it was!
This is a for sale page so bear that in mind as you download it - lots of "little" 'birds to look at though.
I differ slightly, gobird - it looks more like a 55/56 Ford. I drove or road in 57 Fords for 30 years. Ford's intent on the Thunderbird was that it look like a Ford product and fit in with the line so with or without the stripes it looks like a clean version of the 55/56.
Newbird, that was a fun site. You sure know your history on these birds,while I am just trying to absorb all I can. The love has always been there, just not sure I'd be able to achieve this goal. Joy
P.S. I have a spare calender if anyone is interested.

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