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1967 Thunderbird 390 power steering question...

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Gbird67, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. My car is a 1969 with the "magic air" automatic temperature control system. No valve in the engine bay so I guess its something in the dash that controls it. However I will say that at some point in this car's life the engine was removed and a 460 was installed. They ripped out a lot of things so I am hoping that control valve and the lines leading to it were not taken out too. Well unless its something under the dash I need to adjust.
  2. Hi Doug, I had activators laying around from an old Caddy (also trunk activator) and bought one of theese central locking systems the chinees sell on ebay. I did not go for the cheapest but one that also had trunk bottom and "search your car" bottom that I conected with a relay to a seperat horn to scare away finering people. To get it to work with electric activator, I had to extent the little arms on the lock in the doors for the original vac-activators (they are stronger) to get everything to work good. I did not mount any locking bottom inside the car, as I just use the remote controll now. If you are not familiar with the electrics,you have to find someone whos does. Hope this helps. A days work and you are happy !
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  3. Hello! My name is Aaron and I am new to this forum. I am 23 years old and own a 1967 Ford Thunderbird that I am excited to restore. The power steering on her went out a month ago and I cant figure out what the exact name of the hose I need to replace is. I have heard it could be the low pressure power steering hose but cant find that name online. Does anyone have any idea what part this is? Also it is really tough to get off so I cant drive the car right now and living in oregon this is the best time of year to drive so I would love to get this back up and running ASAP! Thanks everyone!

    P.S the hose that is broken is the one on the right of the pictures attached.

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  4. You are probably going to have to get that one made. Take it off and go to a place that makes hoses. My local O'Reilly's does but not sure if all of them do.

    Look at the "1967 Thunderbird 390 power steering question" post. Been plenty that have had the same issue here.
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