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1967 Thunderbird 390 power steering question...

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Gbird67, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. The power steering hoses on my car are shot, dry rotted, rusty. Questions for the group:
    - Pleaae explain the hose connections and the mystery interface on the firewall (see photo). The hose from the pump to the gear us pretty straightforward, but the hose from the gear goes up to some sort of interface gizmo, into a splitter on the port on the firewall, and that cable goes back to the cooler then returns to the pump. What is this mess?
    - I've searched all over and can only find 1/2 of the high pressure hose, but nothing else, especially the return to the pump with the wacky splitter (see photo). Where can I get these hoses?
    20190329_081922.jpg 20190325_174037.jpg
  2. I was told its a line for the power assisted steering wheel. It's what makes the steering wheel so light when turning it. As for a replacement? HA! I searched high and low for one myself. Ended up taking it to a hydraulic machine shop and they replaced the line putting two barbed ends on it so whenever/if ever that line should leak again I can simply just replace the hose. Part is obsolete! Discontinued! No where have I found it. Or even was it mentioned.
  3. That is no mess.....it runs your wiper motor. The hoses you have to get made somewhere as I don't think you can buy them anymore.
  4. One hose actually assists the windshield wipers operate. I took my old hoses to Colliflower and they duplicated it right there in the store while I waited. They charge around $35. https://www.colliflower.com/

  5. Correct on this. You have to go and get it made as I doubt you will ever find a new one anymore. On a side note... You are telling me the wiper motor is hydraulic?
  6. Yes, I thought you know . Kind a weird system....
  7. I don't know a lot about my car its a pandoras box of things cobbled together. Engine was replaced by a previous owner with a 460 so I am lost as to whats what in the engine bay honestly. Thankfully the 460 and 429 are so similar its easier to get parts. As for the vacuum and other stuff? Yeah... not so much.
  8. Your wipers work ?
  9. Yeah. I had that line replaced a while ago.
  10. Group thanks for the info! Learned a lot about my system I did not know.

    Also I think the transmission fluid ties into this system too. What a weird design!!

    Why would Ford make the wiper system so complicated and hydraulic? A simple electric motor in 1967 makes much more sense. I think fixing all of the vacuum components on this car after sitting for 40 years will prove to be a big challenge, even with diagrams.
  11. probably because electric wasn't available. Also power steering and the transmission shared the same fluid. It's all the same really. Just another type of hydraulic fluid. Today cars are just overly complex because reasons sometimes. The old saying... is if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  12. Eric,
    There is a Colliflower near me and I am planning a visit. Threw in the towel on finding these hoses. Weird that you can find everything for virtually every other Ford-Mercury- Lincoln 1967, except Thunderbird!
    What brand of replacement power steering pump do you recommend? I thought I would just attempt to reuse the old one, now thinking not.

  13. You can still get the power steering pump. Try rockauto.

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