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03 Bird on side of road

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Elsie, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Jan. 5 and it is almost 60 with sun shining, unbelievable.

    I was out driving around today in my main car and seen a few motorcycles, a couple of Corvettes with their tops off, etc. I began wishing I had my Tbird up and running so I could be out cruising too, but mine hasn't been road ready since late September. Then I came upon an 03 Tbird sitting on side of road with flashers on, and hood up. I had to stop. A couple in their 60s was standing along side of the Bird. I asked if I could be of assistance and what was the problem. They said the engine just quit.

    I told em I was the owner of an 03 too. The engine would crank but not fire. I asked if the "wrench" on the dash came on and if it went into "limp" mode? They didn't know anything about the "wrench" and said it just quit. They said they had just purchased car last Fall, and hadn't driven it much, but had to already replace the COPs.

    Anyway they asked if I knew the phone number of a wrecker. I did, because I started carrying the number of one after my Tbird broke down on side of road the second time. Anyway I stayed with em till the wrecker showed up, and I told em about this website. Told em to inform us about problem once they get it fixed.

    I wonder what the problem is? The car wasn't out of gas - according to the gauge anyway, hope they do get on this forum and tell us what the problem was.
  2. Skizix Savage

    Skizix Savage Mountain Shadow Gray Metallic Over Bright Tan Lifetime Donor

    You are a kind and generous citizen.
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  3. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Donor

    It's a guessing game, but I will say fuel pump.
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  4. pblach

    pblach Active Member Lifetime Donor

    My 2002 died suddenly, and it was the fuel pumps. Had both replaced at once, at Forf dealership.
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  5. BBird

    BBird Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Been there with my 02, same situation just died and it was the fuel pump, barely had 30K miles on it when it happened, so you never know.
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  6. If I had to venture a guess I would say fuel pump too, or at least start looking there.

    I'm going to venture another guess. I bet if it is the fuel pump - it's not going to be a couple hundred dollar repair like a normal car, unless you do the work yourself?? Not LOL.
  7. BBird

    BBird Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Our fuel pump was $1500.00
  8. $1500 Wow. Bbird was that from a Ford dealer or independent garage?
  9. BBird

    BBird Active Member Lifetime Donor

    It was an independent garage, didn't have a lot of options at the time and wanted it to be treated well so we went with it, got a quality job and the car was handled with kid gloves and that was important to us.
  10. I would hate to think what a dealer would charge if an independent charged $1500.
  11. pblach

    pblach Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I had both fuel pumps replaced at a Ford dealership in San Diego last November for $2150. That hurt!
  12. Just looked up a fuel pump for my 63 blackbird $59.95 , how things change!
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